Broken Keon. Need Help w/ Motor Replacement/Mod

Hello community!
My Keon had a short life. Its blinking red and blue leds and won’t move now. I read this indicates a blockage not allowing the device to function. There were some less than comforting sounds before it stopped moving all together. After finding no visible blockages or broken drive parts, before and after removing cover, I have come to the conclusion I have a broken motor. The device runs on a Etonm Motor ET-DCM3657SA. After a long search I found no motors matching this exact model name. Forgive me but I have no experience with DC motors and need some help with and acceptable quality replacement, if even an option. Id have happily done the work myself but without a spec sheet of the original Etonm motor I wouldn’t even begin to know of a suitable replacement. Specifically with things like matching the RPM range, torque, current, etc.
I am currently waiting on a reply from Kiiroo customer service but I am preparing for worse case of no replacement. I would love to avoid trial and error if they don’t replace it.

Any help would be appreciated. :blush:

We watched it here

Contact Kirro, I’m on #3
they sent a replacement and should have been able to fix the second from parts or the original, but 2 broken ones that defy the repair logic

Yes but this is a different model. Are you saying this is an adequate replacement or are you saying it has the same specs and can be used as reference?

I dropped my Keon after two weeks of owning it. I contacted Kiiroo asking about a warranty or even buying replacement parts and never heard back from them, just ghosted

id reach back out caus they sent me 1 keon replacement and 2 pulse solo replacements so far