Budget VR set for use with funscripts?

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.


Get the Quest 2


What’s your target price-point?

As Rukker said, the Quest 2 is very cheap (even after its price increase), although it would be sensible to wait for the Quest 3 which is coming out in the next few months (if for no other reason than there should be a bunch of secondhand Quest 2s appearing on craiglist etc)

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To be honest, I was looking for something under €200 just to see, if it’s my thing.

If you only want to try the VR experience to determine if you should invest in a good VR headset then buy a cardboard that you use with your phone. It will give a feel for the VR experience and shouldn’t cost more than $15. It is definitely not a long term solution, just a way to try it if you haven’t any friends owning a VR headset.

Have a look at what IGN recommends for budget headsets. You have the Quest 2 there and you also have a couple of really cheap cardboard options.

I wouldn’t recommend a cardboard-style headset at all tbh…they weren’t any good back in 2015 and if anything they’re even worse now that all the big companies have abandoned them so the software support has gotten worse.

For 200 euros, I’d suggest seeing if you can find a secondhand Quest 1 on craiglist or equivalent. 200 euros should be plenty - I’m in Australia and there are several secondhand Quests available for around that price.

In some ways the Quest 1 is actually a better device for watching VR video than the Quest 2 - the screen is lower resolution, but the videos aren’t high enough resolution for it to matter most of the time, and the display itself has better contrast and color, plus the strap is much more comfortable and it has better IPD adjustment.


Quest 2 seems to be the best one

Quest 3 which is expected about the same price might be announced late September

I know I’m an anomaly, but I found a used quest 2 for $150 USD. This works well with my PC, however theres lots of little fiddly bits when it comes to getting it running smoothly via link cable. I dont use the $80 cable facebook sells, you can use a third party one, but do not use any cable longer than 10 feet.

To use the airlink you have to have a beefy router in the same room, which wasnt an option for me.

That combined with heresphere is basically the best cheap option out there. If you are willing to wait, the quest 3 is coming out this year at some point (or it least they said it was supposed to)

That’s absolutely not true. No cables or anything needed at all if you have a 0815 basic router those past 5 years. Most people that had problems with Quest and their wireless connection was because they had an old router which didn’t even support MIMO for more than 10 devices.

My setup is like that:

Get on couch/bed
Put on headset
Start Pigasus (Quest 1) or HereSphere (Quest 2) (Yes I use both, I mostly like the Quest 1 more than 2)
Connect Handy
Put dick into sleeve
Start movie through network

Couldn’t be easier. Use good noise canceling earphones and you won’t even hear the the Handy.

You dont even need Airlink at all. HereSphere works on Quest 2 without having to use AirLink and a PC.

Don’t cheap out on VR! When the tech first came out (2015/2016), I was working in the entertainment industry. I tried a whole bunch at different video conventions and was unimpressed.

I tried a few other headsets over the years, but the HTC Vive Pro 2 was the one that sold me on VR. Played Half-Life: Alyx on it at a friend’s house in 2020 and was hooked. Unfortunately, at $800+ I was not ready to make that leap.

I finally bit the bullet and picked up a used Quest 2 for $200 a little over a year ago and I am extremely happy with the purchase.

Cheap VR and low quality videos suck… At this point, I’d wait for the Quest 3 and reassess in a couple months. Unfortunately, there just isn’t a cheaper option that compares IMO. Maybe see if you can borrow a Quest 2 or find a retail store with a display unit?

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