Buffering/loading on handyfeeling

Having an issue where my videos keep buffering every 10 seconds or so on local videos with handyfeeling. It will stop the video for a second or two then play again. It also messes up the timing on my handy completely. I am on android. This also sometimes happens on faptap as well. I’ve tried resyncing the handy and resyncing the client as well but no luck. Anyone else have this issue or solved it?

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Someone on this site made a android app, cant remember the name.

This also started happening to me about a week ago and I use a laptop. I just stopped using the handyfeeling video player & switched to Funscript.io

I noticed the issue the day they made changes to their website. They added that slider at the top of their home page. The video player has been wonky since then for me

Tried funscript.io and having the same issue :smiling_face_with_tear:

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