Buying scripts?

Hello ,

Since i got fired by my job because i didn’t took my 3rd shot of covid vaccine (i had serious health issue after my last shot)… my handy & scripts became my hobby i’m asking if you guys would like to buy my own scripts , i could start like a vote and you guys will decide witch one i will script we could do it maybe once a week depending on the script duration & complexity
please let me know if you guys are interested about it

I was in a similar situation as you i lost part of my job because of the lockdowns and thought hey maybe i can earn some extra cash with this.

there are at the moment two sure ways to get cash for your scripts.

1 if you’re prepared to set up a one man business (it depends on your country if setting one up is easy or not) you could make scripts for SLR (SexLikeReal) (doesnt have to be full time most of us arent).
2 RS (realsync) is also an option and im not sure but it might not be necesary to set up a business for them…

lets say your interested in one of the options, and they accept, they then teach you what kind of quality they want,and put your scripts on their site, but you will also be added to a discord channel where people make requests and offer money if you fill their request.

you could try it on your own but this is a safer way.


First way could be a patreon page. A lot of adult game maker use it.

Some examples:


Or u set up your own online shop. It isn’t that hard. Finding a adult content payment provider is the hardest part.

Some Examples for shops:

  • Wordpress + WooCommerce
  • Shopify


My last idea is easy. Speak with video publisher like CzechVR, itsPOV or whatever. Maybe they are interested in a collab.

thanks for the advice i appreciate it

Depends on the pricing.

Only if you can use real money.