Bypass Mega download limits, and also stay safe!

How to bypass Mega limit download, and also stay safe!
Get a VPN I would recommend Nord, when you run out of “download” just change the server in your VPN, and just refresh the webpage and it will continue downloading with a full set of new GB limit!
“Note that you do not need to change the country you are in, just re-connect so it grabs a new server”

This is also useful if some content is blocked by your country, just change a server in a different country, and tada! You can now browse the web like you are there, it’s especially nice if you also watch a lot of stuff on Netflix, and HBO ext where certain material is only available in certain countries.

I have used NordVPN for many years now, and would highly recommend it especially as they don’t keep any logs of your data, IP ext. And maybe you do not want your IPS to see the kinky stuff you watch and download. I drop a referral link after this post and if admins want me to remove the referral just let me know and will re-do the post without it, but it gives you all one month for free or up to three months for free.
Get NordVPN


Another way if you don’t want to spend money - get jdownloader (you can use it to download any video from 99% of sites) - you can find a list of proxy IP servers online and configure jdownloader with them, when you run out of free limit it will try to connect via the proxy servers to bypass the limit.
You can find the link somewhere online for a tutorial, I personally bought the subscription but before that I used exactly this method

edit: you can also use a free vpn like proton vpn but very often people already ran out of transfers on them so you need a bit of luck to find a server on which no one downloaded anything recently


You can also use Megabasterd which is open source and also supports proxies.