Can I get some feedback on my second script please?

This is only my second script and it’s 4x longer than my first one. I’m not entirely sure it’s ready for prime time just yet. I was just hoping to get some feedback on it before it’s released to the public. Made for the Handy.
Thanks in advance.

Richelle Ryan - Sexy pornstar sucking off amateur dudes in gloryhole.funscript (39.5 KB)

Richelle Ryan - Sexy pornstar sucking off amateur dudes in gloryhole

Unfortunately I can’t remember how to make a preview gif. :upside_down_face:

UPDATE: I intensified the script slightly. Mostly hand action.
2nd draft - Richelle Ryan - Sexy pornstar sucking off amateur dudes in gloryhole.funscript (39.6 KB)


Maybe if I find some free time later, I will check out your script


Honestly, you did an excellent job there and it’s a huge improvement over your first one. There is nothing I can say to improve in this one. Make sure to make it more intense, when hand and mouth are used together.

Very well done and I am looking forward to the next one :slightly_smiling_face:

Check this tutorial


That’s your 2nd script? Wow, wish my second script was like this. Great job :wink:

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General advice… Never forget that if you like the script, then you have done a good job.


Hey thanks for the compliments and feedback. :grinning: I was thinking that maybe I held back a little too much during some of the hand/mouth parts. I might go back and bump up some those strokes. Do you think I should exaggerate the strokes a bit at the last cumshot to give it a stronger finish?

I was looking for that exact tutorial! I don’t know why I was having such a hard time finding it. I should have just checked my bookmarks. :upside_down_face:


Everyone gets lucky at some point. :sunglasses:

Thank you very much!

Thanks for the tip! :grinning:
I think I had just been working on it for so long that I had started to become a little numb to it. :laughing:

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If you do, I hope you enjoy it.
Did I not do my heat map right? I did it in HandyControl and I was really unsure about the best way to do it.

Yes, I would. I personally like to exaggerate the strokes by a bit during the finish section.

Heatpmap is good, just bump up the height, so it’s better visible.


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Very good 2nd script, i just checked it with scripting tool :+1:

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The Script is Almost perfect, extremely accurate, and various, really a great job. The only thing that i can say to you is to insert in the script a little warm up time. it’s star a too fast at the beggin.

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Thank you! Thanks for taking the time to look at it. :slightly_smiling_face:

Good point and I’ll take another look at it. Thanks for the feedback and thanks for the compliment!

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