Can someone help this beyond-noobert with playlists

I have tried creating a playlist in ScriptPlayer but I guess I am not tech savvy enough. HELP, anyone!

Open ScriptPlayer, hit the File button in the top left corner, select add file/folder to playlist and navigate to said file/folder.

You can also hit File, select Show Playlist (or click the button with 3 dots followed by lines) and add files/folders from there by clicking the Playlist button in the playlist window.

If you click Add File, you can hold the control key down to add more than one file at once from the same folder, you can also hold the shift key while clicking one file and while holding it and clicking another it will select every file in between.

Edit: You can also move your mouse cursor to the left hand side of ScriptPlayer to show the playlist and add videos that way.

Hopefully some of this is of help.

this is what I run into. do I press yes?

No, you shouldn’t need to generate anything to make a playlist.

hmmm. ok. i thought that was a bit bizarre. thx @Cberry88

No worries, the only reason for you to bother with FFmpeg and generating files is if you want thumbs, heatmaps and/or gifs for when you upload scripts.

i see. one last question…i hope. do i upload both the video and the funscript?

When you pick the video the player will play both the video and script of the same name given they are in the same folder.

Edit: you can set the folder to only show media or script files of you want too in the bortom right hand corner of the folder that pops-up when you add files to your playlist.

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