Can someone please help me learn how to use deepmosiacs tool to decensor videos that are censored

i was wondering if anyone would have the time to explain to me how to use deepmosiacs tool…i read thru the description and it still makes no sense to me how it even works…i would like to start decensoring some JAV videos and was also curious if anyone knows if the tool also would work on VR JAV videos…please help me learn

here is the tool that was shared with me by @ethanfel

The link you provided contains both a test application and a 5 min long tutorial video for how to use it. Why not start there?

lol i didnt even see the video somehow…i read the text file tho…thanks for making me aware of it

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Looks like it works pretty much like DeepFake algorithms do. But as they are referring to “Pretrained models” i don’t know wether one can use it easily do decensor JAV Movies. Don’t know if there is a pretrained model for dicks :stuck_out_tongue:

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In the pre-trained google drive folder there is a clean_youknow_video.pth described as Clean mosaic to … in videos. It is better for processing video mosaics. I suspect that youknow and … refers to dick. The developer seems to be from china so I guess that might explain why he don’t write it out in plain text. However, I don’t know that the pre-trained model in question really is that. It’s just a guess from my side.

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lol im sure there probably is…i have to check it out when i have the time this weekend :stuck_out_tongue:

your guess is probably right lol…ill try it out this weekend when i have time to mess with it and learn the program

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i have spent days trying to figure out how to work this idiotic program…always ending up with different errors no matter what i try…if anyone has any concrete way to explain how this confusing ass program works im all ears…and before u tell me to watch the video or read the text file i have done both and i still get nothing but issues trying to get this stupid program to work…smh

If anyone works that magic on the legendary Reipons videos … well share that alright, I don’t really have the HD space for the program and her works. Not to mention the hours to get that working in the first place .

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