CGI animation of Rachel Amber from Life is Strange, is it OK for me to post it here?

Got a request from my Patron. And I was scripting it for the daily script.

The CGI quality looks great. It’s made by Hydrafxx.

And I just found out that she was 15 in the game.

So am I allowed to post this animation link & script since this is a CGI animation?

I am still little confused about how this works.

If not, I will prepare something else for the daily script, and leave this one as a private request.


I would say in general it should be fine since the vast majority of hentai characters are 15-17 and I have not seen this problem pop up before in that context, but of course it is up to the mods

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you should be fine if the character could pass as an adult

I posted the script and animation after receiving some positive opinions about this subject. Have fun!

based on Site wide rules, seems fine

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