CGI Animation vs. Deepfake


Just looking for a little clarification on one of the rules. There’s a couple of CGI animated videos on of people like The Rock and John Cena (can’t decide if it’s more cursed or hot) that I fancy scripting - is that against the rules to post here?

I see that deepfakes are not allowed, and completely understand that. But I understand deepfake to mean a realistic video that you could mistake for the real thing, whilst these are 3D animated scenes that are very obviously not real - does that make it ok, or is it the association itself which is the problem?

Thank you!

hmmm thats a really good question. I think that cgi animation should be fine since it cant be mistaken for the actual likeness since its obviously CGI. Deepfakes you can do that. I would bring in the big guy himself for him to weigh in @hugecat

@moderators feel free to chime in

If I recall, the deepfake issue was about plausible realism, which is why we generally allow animated/3d content as long as it’s obviously not real.

In my view it’s the same as the other content-related rules: if sufficiently stylized, it’s alright. A photorealistic rendered style is, in my view, no different to a deepfake in the harm/stress it would cause to the person it depicts.

For example: this image is a stylized rendering of Emma Watson, and so I think it’s OK.

Whereas this image is a photorealistic rendering of Emma Watson. Whether it was made via AI deepfake tools, or a skilled 3D artist is irrelevant IMO

I’m aware that this isn’t a black and white thing - I continue to say that if you’re unsure regarding whether something is OK to post, just message someone from the mod team. :slight_smile:

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That’s great. I sort of thought that was the sensible way to go but wanted to check first. Thanks all!