Changing the tag name "action" to "action-based" for clarity, or maybe splitting the tags up?

So I think for the purpose of HMVs and Cock Hero scripts and the like, we could change the tag name so that it would be more clear, and promote use of proper tagging. There’s a lot of HMVs I see that are action-based but don’t have either the audio-based or action-based tag. I think it would be very helpful and maybe promote some more action-based videos, or hybrid action and audio-based ones.


i know absolutely nothing about this whole category of tags. If people can put together a clear proposal and get enough buy in, mods can make the change

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I agree, action based scripts take more effort but are superior in general. There should be a way to filter them, just like the Audio-based tag.

Maybe a Mix-based tag would be nice too.


This was my reasoning behind improving the tag names, yep.

There was a attempt of making a wiki-post of tags in lounge category, with descriptions added for each tag and suggestions for change. Anyone at or above trust level 3 are welcomed to contribute.

Audio-based, action-based, mix-based i think would be good tags for the pmvs

I kinda thought about this, or people could just tag audio-based and action-based on their videos. I think people will still end up using audio-based and action-based even with the mix-based option, so it’ll end up being too more work to find each type of funscript.