Cheap VR 180 cams in 2023?

There still doesn’t seem to be a decent sub $1k option here or am I missing something obvious that came out recently? I’m just looking for something that can crank out a decent video with normal proportions. I’d even settle for 2019-era JAV quality lol or cam girl quality. From what I can tell my options are these:

Insta360 EVO - discontinued, over $1500ish used

Calf 3d VR180 - in kickstarter, $1500ish

Canon has something new in the works, unknown cost

Vuze XR - discontinued, almost $1k used

Kandao Qoocam - also discontinued, unknown cost but looks sub $1k used

Should I just wait and hope Apple will kick things off in the VR180 3D camera market? Or am I being too cheap and unrealistic?

that’s a good, but a bit outdated overview VR video cameras: Canon R5C, ZCam K2 Pro, ZCam K1 Pro, Vuze XR | DeoVR

There are Teche, Viewpt, CalfVR, Kandao 180 coming. We checked almost all of them. Image is about okay, working to get better connectivity.
Will be updating things at VR cameras - SLR VR porn videos and interactive sex toys hangout

Really miss VuzeXR cameras.

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Forgot there was a deovr website in deovr lol. Both the Teche and Calf videos looked great. Teche did look a bit better, but not 3k more than the Calf better. At least for someone like me. Sounds like there is a lot of stuff coming out soon.