Choose music for vidéo

Hello there,

For you what is the best style of music to use in PMV, cock hero or jerk of challenge video ? I’m also searching on how to create a beatmeter sound maybe randomly


Really depends on the style of video you want or the music you like. If you want to put in [The Lonely Island] I’m On A Boat, do it. If you want to put in a random top 40 song, do it. If you want to add some random touhou song, you get the idea. Just make sure you integrate it well into the video.

I sadly don’t know how to make a beat meter. But I think it’s based off you making a beat file to the music and then a tool makes a beat meter off it.

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Maybe something possible with this, I will have a look

I have always been partial to EDM or songs by women that tend to have a sexy persona.