Choose the next DickForLily video you want to see a script of #3

Hello everybody!

Third and last poll for a DickForLily video. After this I will switch to a different model again.

I will announce a day before, when I will close the vote.

You have 2 votes.

Thank you for participating!



Good list of options but I would like to suggest two more videos :wink:

I Couldn’t Resist Fucking him Surprise fucked and hot Riding

I couldn’t Resist Fucking him Surprise Fucked and Hot Riding (

I was looking for a rubber pussy and saw something better- I seduced a neighbor

I was looking for a Rubber Pussy and saw something Better- I Seduced a Neighbor (

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Thank you for the 3 suggestions!

Next vote will include a different model, but I saved your suggestions in my “DickForLily 2 script-folder” and I will include your suggestions in the next poll. There will be another DickForLily poll sooner or later, since she is a community favorite.


thanks thats cool

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Closest race so far with two videos having the same percentage at this moment.
Last chance to make one winner.

I will close the poll 2022-05-08T22:00:00Z

Thank for 52 votes!

Winner with 38% is

From Lily’s blowjob I cum twice-Surprise Cumshot

This video was a community suggestion from @qweer
Thank you for the suggestion and congrats on the win :slight_smile:

After DickForLily I will do one script of TheMagicMuffin and one of Shinaryen.
Vote here for their videos.


Thank you, I’ll wait for this script

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