Choose which Step-family scene i script next (first script up)

Still new to making scripts but these are scenes i’m interested in. Looking for other opinions on most wanted scenes

Charlie Forde - I did this for you

Missax - aubree valentine - watching porn with aubree

Missax - Kenna James - The virginity Raffle

Missax.19.11.19.Kenna.James.The.Virginity.Raffle.funscript (117.7 KB)

Kiiroo Onyx + script
Missax.19.11.19.Kenna.James.The.Virginity.Raffle.onyx.funscript (137.4 KB)

Missax - Blair Williams - The Facepage incident 3

Missax - Aubree Valentine - Daddys bad girl 3

missax - Elena Koshka - A great catch pt 2

Missax - Mona Wales - Mother in law free pass

missax - elena koshka - something borrowed pt 1 & 2

Pretty Dirty - Cassidy Klein - Take your brother’s virginity

missax - whitney Wright - The auction

APOVStory - Aiden Ashley - Sister’s Secret

Really hoping Cassidy Klein pulls ahead

impossible to pick one. :slight_smile:

Starting the kenna James one tonight. Glad this one is first tbh. Keeping the poll open since there are so many choices and I’ll work my way through them all.

Scripts will be posted in replies and edited into the OP

Missax.19.11.19.Kenna.James.The.Virginity.Raffle.funscript (117.7 KB)
Missax.19.11.19.Kenna.James.The.Virginity.Raffle.onyx.funscript (137.4 KB)

I just ordered a handy so future scripts will be formatted for that instead of onyx

APOV Story - Aiden Ashley is up now.

here is the script
Aiden Ashley, Liv Revamped – Sister’S Secret handy.funscript (118.8 KB)

here’s a downloadable version. (though kinda pop-up-y)

I have been working on several of these scripts as well as converting the scripts from the kiiroo onyx i originally posted into handy scripts. This is a long process because they behave completely differently. The scripts had to be written to avoid the onyx timing out and the max and minimum speeds of the kiiroo also required i go through each motion and stay within the limits. It’s entirely possible that I will finish several scripts at almost the same time so keep looking out.