Choosing Sex Toy for starters

Curious what would be the things to consider for someone looking to get into interactive sex toys

cant go wrong with a fleshlight

As a start it should be entrylevel, from a price- and setupstandpoint. Maybe a singleaxisstroker that works after installing one software. As I started with my Keon it took me a while to get it working.
A single axis stroker is a good choice at the start to see if the concept fits to you. I was in doubt about how much of a difference such a toy would make at first, too.
And preferably the toy is powered over an ac-plug. Batteries sound nice in concept, but there´s little more frustrating than running out of power in the middle of the action, because the battery is simply too weak or you forgot to charge it beforehand
I think points like staying away from toys that have flaws leading to destroying your sleeves (not looking at specific Products here, right, Keon?) over time should be a given.
But most important, as already mentioned is making it easy to set up, showing a clear x step guide before even buying. I know so many people that somewhat understand pc´s and other technology, but the second they see anything they deem to complex they simply forget about the idea. Most don´t want to try something out and then fear to sit in front of a several pages long handbook, trying to figure out how to make things work, just to be forced to browse the web for troubleshooting…

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Openness of the product (Full support for playback of local files with no loss of function)
Capabilities of the device (Motor strength, accelleration, etc)
Build quality
Number of axes
Ergonomics/Ease of use
Compatibility with existing toys/sleeves (fleshlight, onaholes, etc)
Connectivity (Wifi, Bluetooth)
Large battery capacity / ability to charge while in use


Adding to bounce’s list some nuances are to be noticed

Capabilities also includes vibration and suction. Which also have a variety of strengths. They could be considered an axis for motion, but its usualy not how they are implemented. Vibration also can have multiple nodes. And there are systems that can widen/tighten themselve dynamicly. We can even include estim on this.

For the ergonomics, it includes ease of cleaning (a lot of toys are quickly damaged when turned inside out, yet that is often the best cleaning method), and how well you can mount the device (handsfree is a good thing).

It also includes weight. Especialy when it tries to imitate a body part, weight matters for its sensation as body parts push your body a lot more. Light devices cannot do this and would rely on a mounting system to obtain such weight, and a larger sleeve is often needed to get an even better effect here. Yet at the same time, weigth can make it difficult to move. A good balance or modular system can help mitigating weight issues.

For compatibility you can even consider the ability to switch toy type (stroker/dildo). Regular sex machines with adapters already do feature this (limited in sleeve choises though).

And something besides that: Safety
Sure, it doesnt sound like a nice feature, but if something is dangerous, it might cause reputation damage. And at the same time, if its safe, will make it featured in bdsm at some point. Sure, its full interactive stuff might not be used there, but people are creative, who knows what they can do.
Milking machines have proven to be safe, and even fleshlight adapters on normal sex machines are a popular feature. In BDSM such tools are highly desired since they prevent the need for a women to keep stroking for 10 minutes. And another benefit, as their motion is very static, its more likely to make the person able to last longer while keeping the intensity high.