ClipMash - Generate video compilations automatically (v0.20.1)

It works now. ffmpeg was is a folder and I just put the .exe out of the folder and together with stash-compilation.maker.exe and now it works.

Would be cool if it could work without making markers first in the future. Don’t know if this would be possible.

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

Anyway to get it for the phone? All my stash is mobile?

Not really at the moment, no. If you run it on the same server or network that your Stash instance is running, you can open it from there in your phone, but for now it’ll look pretty bad on a phone-sized screen, haven’t put any effort on making the UI work well on small screens.

Sorry for not replying sooner, but it works fine now after reinstalling everything.

It works now. ffmpeg was is a folder and I just put the .exe out of the folder and together with stash-compilation.maker.exe and now it works.

That’s probably a bug, I’ll look into it.

Would be cool if it could work without making markers first in the future. Don’t know if this would be possible.

That would indeed be cool, but I’m not yet sure how to accomplish that. It’d definitely need some pre-processing of the video. For now it’s easiest to just rely on scene marker data.

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New release! At the start, I really just wanted to add the funscript generator, but it ended up being a lot more smaller improvements.


  • feat: Added a .funscript file generator.
  • feat: Show more details about the scenes and performers used for selecting markers.
  • fix: Improved frontend error handling (404s are handled differently from other errors, show more details)
  • feat: Show existing configuration values when navigating to the configuration page
  • feat: Improve clip preview page: Show colored segments signifying the different clips, allow playing through all the clips in one go.
  • fix: Fixed the “test credentials” button not showing an error when credentials were invalid
  • feat: Added links to the steps in the UI
  • chore: Use color_eyre for error handling in Rust
  • fix: Improved UI for small screens (in particular, phones)
  • feat: Added toggle for filter page to allow including any or all of the tags or performers selected.
  • feat: Added toggle in video options to control whether to include the entire selected marker duration in one go, or split it up into shorter clips.

Download links: Release v0.5.0 · soundchaser128/stash-compilation-maker · GitHub


I found a bug in the preview clips section (step 5). If you watch the last clip and let it finish playing it crashes and shows the text “Sorry something went wrong” and the only way to return is to refresh the page which loses all progress.

Thanks for pointing it out, should be an easy fix.

@charz1060 The bug should be fixed with this release: Release v0.5.1 · soundchaser128/stash-compilation-maker · GitHub

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Quick teaser for what I’ve been working on:

Basically, being able to create compilations from videos directly on your hard drive. For now, this means having to create the markers inside my app instead of Stash. The rest of the process should be pretty much the same, however. Currently this means:

  • You pick a folder where all the videos that should be part of the compilation are located
  • You go through the videos, set markers that should be included in the video (that’s what I’m currently working on)
  • The rest should be pretty much the same as doing it with Stash.

This should make the barrier to entry a bit lower. Also, I think this warrants a name change, since ‘stash-compilation-maker’ is no longer really accurate. I’m open to suggestions.

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The app is now no longer dependant on Stash! :tada: I’m now at a point where you can use both local videos and scenes from Stash to create compilations. Here’s how the UI to create markers looks like.

The markers are saved to a database (SQLite), so as long as the path to the files stays the same, the markers will still be around if you want to create new compilations with the same files.

There’s still a few bugs that I need to squash, but it should be ready in the next few days.

I (with the help of ChatGPT) also came up with a new name, since stash-compilation-maker is just extremely literal and also no longer correct since it now works without Stash as well, ClipMash.


This looks fantastic! Any chance of working in an option to sync the compilation to music or a specific BPM even? It would make PMVs a breeze to put together.

That feature is next on my list, probably: Allow adding background music · Issue #9 · soundchaser128/stash-compilation-maker · GitHub

Very interesting. I am looking forward to the release :slightly_smiling_face:

By the way, it would be really helpful if you could share some ideas on how this should look from a user’s perspective. Do you pick a song and then arrange the clips to fit the duration of the song? That currently seems like the most straight-forward solution to me, because the other way around would mean picking markers and clips and having to aim for the right duration to match the song, which does not sound fun.

As for syncing to a BPM… no idea how to even approach that, at the moment.

@Slibowitz @PO0000OP There’s a pre-release version ready for testing here: Release v0.6.0-pre.2 · soundchaser128/stash-compilation-maker · GitHub

So Auto PMV sort of does this, but not really (and also it might be dead).

You point it at a song and tell it what to do with the audio:

You point it at a folder full of videos and tell it how many you want and what it should do with them:

Then, Option A. - It chooses random video clips and throws them together.

OR Option B. It runs them through some magic video classifier to determine which parts of the video are what. Then you tell it that you want the video to be X% blowjobs, X% riding, etc.


The problem is that it takes FOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVER to figure out what is actually in those videos. Which is where the ability to manually label sections would be incredibly useful!

The UI is hot garbage, but the idea is cool. I compared the tool to my own manual editing for a bit of fun. I think what it spit out was okay, but not great. I think the ability to manually label the clips would greatly improve the final product.

I also used Funscript Generator to make a script for the PMV and it turned out great. If you could make ONE tool to label videos, make a PMV, and generate a script, you would be my hero!

@AutoPMVs if you’re still around and want to weigh in on any of this. :man_shrugging:t3:

Ok, thanks a lot, this is really helpful. Should be doable.

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Release 0.6.0

  • New feature: Allow creating compilations from files on your disk (choose a folder, create some markers in the UI and you’re good to go)
  • New name: ClipMash.

Download here: Release v0.6.0 · soundchaser128/clip-mash · GitHub

This one took quite a bit of work, ended up basically rewriting big parts of the backend code, but I think it was worth it, the barrier to entry should be much lower now.

Also, if you end up using this in a compilation and post it somewhere, I’d appreciate either a shout-out or just sending me the link, I’m interested to see what people make with this.


Okay, last post for now, I’ve set up a Discord server to have a place for more free form discussion and potentially also sharing content produced with the app.

Discord server: ClipMash