Cockhero / Other Challanges that utilize non-full strokes?

Hey there,

i love to play “Challanges”/“Games” with the Handy - like Cockhero or the Jerk Off Games. Most of these videos use only full strokes.

As the Handy can use “top” strokes im looking for videos/scripts that purposly only stimulate the glans. Not for the whole video, but as a “change” in action.

Thanks in advance!


Finding a script that does right what you want will be difficult.

Try to edit your scripts.

For the whole video you can just add bottom offset to the script in HandyControl.

If you want only a few sections then open the script in OFS and raise the positions of a section or export it to Excel with HandyControl and change every second timestamp from 0 to 70 and import it back.

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I always upload the beatfile (txt) with all of my funscripts to my scripts repo
(Scripts/Cock Hero at master · FredTungsten/Scripts · GitHub)

If you use that instead of the funscript, you can use the conversion mode in ScriptPlayer to make each beat whatever you like.


Y…you’re Fred Tungsten?! :exploding_head:

Same vibe as when the world learns that Tony Stark is Ironman hahaha


TBH I should have put that together a while ago…

Thanks bud @Liquid


Thanks! Ill try that - im just a beginner so i didnt even know this was possible. Ill try this for sure!

But i was looking for a Video/Cock Hero game that would include the stroke length as a variable.

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Changing the stroke lenght on the fly will be possible with FW 3.0 someday. So the script can be streamed and modified live. But even then you need some game, app or whatever that does this modification based on user input.

To everyone who is looking for something similiar:

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The link is broken :frowning: