Connect The Handy directly to openfunscripter or joyfunscripte?

Is it possible to connect the handy directly to openfunscripter or joyfunscripter?
to get live feedback?

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This does not exist at the moment but it would be very useful to control the quality of the scripts in real time!

This should be possible with JoyFunScripter and ScriptPlayer:


  • Set Video Player to Whirligig
  • Settings / Players / Whirligig / IP : Port to (Default)


  • Press L (Toggle Live Testing Mode)

It worked with the Launch, i’ve never tested that with the Handy.


Thanks for the tip! I’ll try it.

Launch and Handy works differently. Since Handy still download the entire script to the device it won’t work. BLE support has been added to Handy, but to my knowledge it’s still only used for first time setup. I don’t know if the API expose functionality to send individual commands yet or if it’s more of an issue that no software has integrated with the API released with firmware v3 released last summer. However, I might not be up-to-date on the current status regarding all this.

2 Likes can control the Handy via bluetooth, pretty sure it’s direct/instant.

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