Connecting the handy to intiface


So I already found an older thread that explored this problem somewhat. But the solution presented there does not work i my case it seems.

So, from that thread I got my hands on a checklist.

  1. Make sure that the theHandy is running on the latest firmware, you can update it on (
  • check, this has been done. Currently running handy v 3.2.3.
  1. Put theHandy into bluetooth mode by holding down the wifi button. The LED should be blue
  • check.
  1. In Intiface Desktop, open the Devices tab and click the button: ‘Start server and scan for devices’
  • check. Would also note that I have checked for updates to intiface aswell, using the “update” function within the software.
  1. After your toy shows up in the panel, click: ‘disconnect from server’, this is important as only one client can be connected to the intiface server. If done correctly, you should see that your device is connected in the Server Status tab.
  • So point 4 is where my problem originates. My handy simply does not show up in any device list. I have bluetooth enabled in windows and on my device before I proceed with the scan.

On the bluetooth side of things. My handy have already been tested using ‘lustbound’ and in this case it worked fine.

I was hoping for some insight into how I might proceed with problem solving and if people with simlar experiences have something to share.

I don’t recall ever seeing doing your step 4. After I start the intiface server (and leave it running), I open up scriptplayer and a message pops up in scriptplayer saying intiface connected and then Handy connected. All within a couple seconds of starting scriptplayer.

Also, not sure if the 3.2.3 Handy firmware is your problem. I’m only on 3.2.2.

Here’s the instructions from Reddit that I’ve been using with no problems for the last several months:

You will need:

  1. ⁠Then, install intiface, install script player, plug in dongle.
  2. ⁠Start intiface, select BL devices support, start server.
  3. ⁠Switch Handy to BL mode (long press wifi button).
  4. ⁠Run script player.
  5. ⁠Select Devices → Buttpulg → Connect and Devices → Buttplug → Scan for devices in Scrtipt Player. Select Handy in Devices → Show devices.
  6. ⁠Add your video, script and enjoy.
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I’m trying to pair the handy together with a video game. I’m using a plugin called ‘lovemachine’, but I guess the principle should be the same as you described.

I will fiddle a little more with it this afternoon and see if I can’t get it to work.

Thanks for posting some clear instructions on how the connection setup normaly works.

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Cool, I hope you get it working. I’d love to get interactive games that work with Handy.

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