Content for OSR2 and SR6 sex robots?

Where to get scripts which supports OSR2 or SR6 functionalities?

I got The Handy and play SLR videos which is very simple and easy.
I see that SLR supports OSR2 but do I understand correct that most of their videos support just up and down?

What is the advantage of OSR and SR6 if there is almost no content for them?

I heard about XTPlayer which can add random movements on different axis, but what else?
If there something convenient (even not free) like The Handy + SLR where I can stream scripted video in a second without downloading it and trying to find the script which supports additional axises?

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Multi-axis scripts take so much work, time and effort to script so thats why there isnt much content for them. You can try scripting it yourself if you’d like. Besides the other axis advantages, the OSR and SR6 speed is much faster than the handy and other devices.

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Is there a one stop place where people can filter videos by supporting multi-axis scripts?
If not, what is the current best source?

I don’t care about speed, just want to try multi-axis scripts but worrying if there are enough videos with such scripts and hoped that SLR supports them but it looks it doesn’t…

So far, all I know of is eroscripts and filter by tag: multi-axis. Maybe there are some in discord servers? I’m not too sure. Theres a fair amount of multi-axis scripts here so far though. But, from what I hear, and as you mentioned about XTPlayer with the random movements… its pretty good. Also I think MultiFunPlayer does the same thing. There is also the feature of VaM for OSR2 and SR6. Check that out.

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Second what quepasawei has said. multi axis tag, otherwise just using the regular scripts with random motions on the other axis. VAM also supports multi axis

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One stop shop for OSR/SR6 (aka multi axis) scripts is this very site:

No, SLR doesn’t support multi axis.

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The advantage is in the performance of the device - stroke length/speed, as well as being able to add random variation when using scripts to other axis.

There are multi-axis scripts out there which utilize the OSR2+ → and you can always make your own too.

Another advantage is programs like Virt-a-Mate which feature full 3d interactive VR (or flat) sex which can be fully simulated with the OSR and SR6.

Then there is the advantage of serviceability - you aren’t required to be connected to a streaming service and can do things offline or wired. You can service the device if anything breaks you can 3d print replacements, or order new servos etc.

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I checked this link and it contains around 60 scripts. It is all what we have for now, right?

Quick question, do I have to download video and they can stream it and I just attach the funscript?

By the way are scripts for SR6 and OSR different?

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I missed that there are just 4 VR multi axis scripted videos here.
So looks like just random movements can help with variety unless we have to download videos individually.

i dont think a lot of multiaxis commercial scripts will appear soon as it already takes 15 hours or more to make a single axis one, a multi axis will take at least double that. With the small user base that the osr/sr has it just doesnt make enough money to start producing multi axis scripts.

So for multi axis scripts look for the guys that make them as a hobby.

regular Funscript are much better with them than commercial devices anyway.

15 hours to make a single axis one?? only if your script is hours long… I make 10ish minute scripts in 30 min to 1 hour.

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scripts for SR6 and OSR are the same, they contain a channel for each axis, the SR6 just has more axis that can be controlled

For professional scripts, 15 hours for a video 30 - 50 minutes in length is pretty normal. Depending on the exact video it can be a lot more than that. The recent free video I released took much longer then that being only 50 minutes long due to how many strokes there were, the low frame-rate, and other factors.

Do you take advantage of the AI tracking tool? Using that you can push out all the easy sections pretty quickly

Scripts for the OSR2 and SR6 are the same, and the same as every script you’ll find on this website. It doesn’t have to be multiaxis, you just won’t get those extra axis movement unless you assign them random movements while the script is playing.

Not sure what you mean by downloading videos individually. Every script is tied to a specific video, although you can assign any script to any video if you wanted to.

no it doesnt the ai tool is very inaccurate, (in VR on an easy to spot angle only 20% of its points are at the right spot and even less then also have the right value so we have to adjust 95% of the points) at the moment its only good enough for a free script but not for a pro/commercial one.

Making a pro script takes time, and a lot of it. All the scripts on SLR and RS are high quality made and all are made at an average pace of about 2-3 minutes of script in an hour.

the only way a decent script of 10 minutes can be made in an hour, if it is a script for a PMV or JOI where you do not have to match the points/values with the on screen action.

It works well for me, the stroke length is rarely correct but it matches the timing pretty well which is the tedious part. I also don’t think that just because you sell on SLR that makes you some kind of ‘pro’ scripter, I haven’t been super impressed by the scripts on there


I’ve personally tried it and I’ve corrected scripts of people who have used it and the time savings as of right now are far outweighed by the corrections required.

Yes stroke starts and ends are rarely correct even on easy parts of the script. This means if you want the script to be accurate you have to go back and correct the depth of all those points.

In addition the AI is not good at:

  • Offscreen strokes
  • Strokes that jump from one depth to another (like a Hand job where she is stroking down from the top alternating hands
  • Any non-linear movement. Grinding / side to side
  • Strokes that don’t have an easy to spot start / end point.
  • Combined movement strokes. These are strokes where multiple objects stroking the penis at once.
  • Anytime the tracing area is obscured. This will cause the tracker to output incorrect data during that time period.
  • Any other stroke that can’t be 1-to-1 translated to up / down. The tracker can’t do pops / 50-50s / or any other mental conversion a scripter can.

I mean can I stream video and attach the multi-axis script instead of download the video first and play it from the HDD