Convert between haptic scripts

I recently got interested in shibbysays’s audio works, and noticed she has haptic scripts for some of her works.
Now i thought converting between these 2 formats might not be too difficult.

Converting to haptic is just creating a “heatmap” where red is 100% and nothing is 0%.

Converting to funscript is a tad more difficult, a scheme could be having a linear interval that goes from 40% stroke length at a 1.5 second interval, to a 100% stroke length at whatever the max interval is set to (perhaps max device speed).

I was wondering if such software existed?

unsure if there’s any existing software, other people could better help.

Some random ideas:

  • manually shift sections of the converted script down so it’s not all 0 to 100
  • write a script that does the conversion you mentioned. I don’t believe it’d be too complicated since funscripts are just a series of positions in time

Could be done with the Script Sequencer of HandyControl. Not as easy to use but your idea is something very basic. You can even use images so an image ‘heatmap’ like a wave is possible.

Are those files freely available?

@hugecat yeah, i’d need to fork ofs or create some fancy minimalist interface for it
@Lucifie They are indeed Haptic - Shibbydex

Just had a quick try and it seems possible.

ASMR My Sweet Boy

  • Exported the raw script to excel.
  • Created a very large diagramm with area filling. Was still not big enought even though I got to column AAA. The resolution of the spikes at the end is not hight enought.
  • Copied the diagramm to the clipboard and imported/cropped it in Photoshop. Removed the background and saved it as png.
  • Created a single line in the script sequencer for the script by using the image.
  • Increased a data type in HandyControl to allow bigger images. Image was 56000x800px :sweat_smile:
  • Loaded in Script Sequencer and exported as funscript.
  • Made little corrections in OFS

Original Script
ASMR My Sweet Boy - Vibrator

I made some mistake during conversion. Something at the end is missing :hushed:
So you can expect that it wont sync. It was just a test!

This version uses the image as speed and stroke setting.
ASMR My Sweet Boy 1
ASMR My Sweet Boy 1.funscript (257.4 KB)

This version is set to 100% stroke and only use the image for speed.
ASMR My Sweet Boy 2
ASMR My Sweet Boy 2.funscript (78.1 KB)