Creating 3D Animations

I’d like to learn how to create animated 3D content like Dark Dreams and Lazy Procrastinator. Any tips for how to get started? Are there some starter scenes I can use in Blender?

Thank you!


I second this question!

Some kind of starter scene for Blender would be really helpful for those of us who want to attempt animation but just don’t know where to start.


Although I don’t do animation myself I know that Youtube is the place to go to for this. There are numerous beginner to advanced tutorials there describing different workflows e.g., sculpting to create a character or animation and rigging. In the support section of the Blender website there are also links to tutorials.

Another option is to use Unreal Engine 5. There is a former Bethesda world designer creating an open world game alone in UE5, without being a programmer. UE5 is extremely powerful.


A good starting point would be a YouTuber by the name of Anime Nyan He not only makes tutorials himself but will also pay other creators to share their expertise about NSFW content creation and has even done some interviews with a few prominent ones.

He also has a discord I highly recommend that has a ton of people sharing knowledge and making stuff.

Also another newer creator on YouTube by the name of Lewdineer has some great stuff on implementing jiggle physics and the like in Blender.

I hope these are helpful!

Youtube and the more important stuff to get to some level you desire (LazyPro) has to be looked up on various sites. Depending on what you want to animate you of course need models, addons for lightning etc. and a lot of time and be willing to learn. LazyPro also made some posts for his workflow (on his Patreon) and how he sets things up.

But there really is not a quick starter or way except for using games (Koikatsu, but it’s imo shit quality in comparison) to do some things. There is a reason that not a lot of people have the skills to animate and render like that.

Not to mention that your PC rig has to be pretty powerful or you will have to wait a long time for renders or things wont even work. For Blender you also have different versions and different versions are compatible with only plugin XY or model XY.