Creating a new video for a script that someone else made

What would be the proper way to release a completely new video to an already existing script. Mainly for the PMV scripts that are scripted to the beat/tempo of the song. Would it be alright to to create a new topic for the new video and add the script there or should I just add the video to the comment section of the original script upload?

Of course with the new topic post, I would credit the user who made the script in the first place. I got around 10 PMVs that I’m remaking or creating from scratch since I lost all my previous PMVs due the Pronhub purge.

Since it is a new video I would make a new topic and either post a link to the funscript creator’s post for the script or get their permission to post their script on your topic with credits.


Yes, that makes sense thanks for clarifying!