Curious about making paid scripts

So, basically I was wondering if it can be somewhat lucrative? If you make good scripts, could it be a way to earn some savings :cheese:? I know it would just depend on if people buy them but those scripters that make paid scripts is it a good supplemental income? Thanks ahead for any feedback.


i assume that you are telling me to contact real? i appreciate it!

No he’s just been tagged on the post so he could possibly leave his input here but be notified about the post :sunglasses:

thanks, cloudy. i’m a bit adverse to computers and don’t know the cpu lingo or shit like that…i’m a painter…so i i INTENTIONALLY stay away from cpus. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Thanks for the tag @hugecat

@EvelynEvil666 - tagging people with “@” and their name, just ensures they see a post and it pops on directly in their notifications is all, basically how all social media works these days :slight_smile:

Potential earnings all just depends on how much you want to script, and how accurate and finetuned your scripts are, but most guys do it casually and part time and find it a nice way to earn decent side income on something they would want to make and enjoy for themselves in the first place.

For me personally, I have decided to transition from leaving my current real life full time job, to doing professional paid scripts through SLR/Realsync full time - in other words, yes its possible to make this a real job replacement and more if you actually focus on it.

Its a great growing industry and the time flexibility of working from home, and the dream coming true of being able to job based on a hobby I enjoyed are important factors to consider as well

If you would like further info or questions answered feel free to ask away or reach me on discord anytime = Realcumber#3476

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Hey realcumber

Long time no chat!

Given you’re going to be working for SLR full-time, I just want to know when we’re going to see you as the male talent in the movie, rather than the talent scripting the movie :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

I expect to see at least 30 minutes of script friendly cowgirl positions please!


lol @et232man - I would never be able to last the way the guys do - much respect to these male actors lol

You have no idea how many times I’ve pitched your VR friendly favorite positions like Cowgirl for long sessions to so many studios, but its a tough sell it seems :frowning:

Not giving up though, since we already have blowjob only MHBHJ style scenes (with scripts) and SLR Originals nailing some good positions and long ones - just need even more right :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks for the advice and info. I dedicate a lot of time to making the scripts because I like to watch the vids and really like doing them for others to enjoy. I just wonder if it was worth looking into making some money from them. If it was a couple of hundred bucks or so in extra savings money then that sounds pretty tempting. Especially since I am making them anyway. I wouldn’t quit my full time like you but getting some dollars from them would be nice.
I appreciate the feedback. This place is filled with really good people!


From what I’ve read from performers, it’s a tough position to do for an extended length of time.

But also I think a lot of the audience just plain likes more position switching.

Im with you on this, full time would probably be a no no for me but making some pocket money on the side would be nice :+1:

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@Realcumber I reckon these dudes are doing “There’s Something About Mary”'s - taking care of business beforehand to ensure some longevity :ok_hand:.

Thank-you so much for your efforts in continuing to pitch these ideas, maybe one day we’ll finally get that ‘Cowgirl Cuties’ series I’ve been longing for.

@remc_ren Agree it requires considerable fitness. But I just really like the view with Cowgirl - face, breasts, a wee glance down to see the most naughty bits … I’m a fan of the girl doing all the work, and it just seems like it translates the best to VR for positional accuracy and overall realism!

I also quite like it when there are short breaks and position changes while remaining in Cowgirl - when scripted this also increases the realism (as opposed to just constant repetitious pounding).