Curious about stroke length or depth

So, is it preferred to sync to stroke length/depth/etc., or just do majority 0-100? I had started out trying to match stroke length or depth but with the launch it seemed all herky jerky. So I have just started pretty much going 0-100. Now occasionally I will do less or try and match the stroke, but with testing them i just preferred longer strokes. Thoughts?

There are different schools of thought about this. A common answer is to match strokes, but exaggerate the length between 10-30 beyond the matching position. (0-80 becomes 0-100, 0-30 becomes 0-50, 0-10 becomes 0-20, etc.)

Timing and the speed of the stroke are more noticeable changes than exact length. Exaggerate more to get the speed higher for more aggressive movement. For very long strokes where the speed feels too low consider if you can add extra movement by breaking it up into a few discrete segments.

At the end of the day it is your script. go with whatever feels “right” to you.

You will find more information here if you have not read it already.

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thanks, hydra. yeah, i don’t really follow the same approach for every script…sorta just what looks and feels right.

If it’s normal rhythmic penetration/stroking, do 0-100. If it’s some form of teasing, then match as best you can.

One thing to remember is that for most male porn stars, partial penetration is just as deep as full penetration for a normal person.

My rule of thumb is generally that the majority of the action should be full strokes, and then I use some shorter ones for parts that are shorter than typical.

It also depends on the device and configuration. It’s easier to discern shorter strokes with a device that has longer strokes to begin with. Also, a while back someone in Tempest’s discord suggested setting things so that the lowest depth the OSR2 would try to go to was a bit -past- the “fully inserted” point. This results in a very dramatic difference between 100-0 and 100-10 or 100-20, which I try to make use of when it seems appropriate.

i appreciate the responses. with more scripting i think i can fine tune things.