and the Handy

Hello all,

I recently bought the oculus quest 2 and consider getting a subscription at Czechvr to enjoy their 8k videos. They also offer scripts for their videos but only the launch is mentionned on their website ? Are the scripts on also compatible with the Handy ?

Wonderful thank you for your help !

I have a CzechVR sub (for almost 5 years now) and their scripts are great, and come free with their membership, which is really a great deal all things considered. You won’t regret it!

Can you download the scripts, or do you use Deo VR or something similar to visit the website through your goggles?

Agreed and welcome @g2kbuffetboy ! :wink:

Yes scripts are available for offline use and DLNA/streaming to your device through SLR app (just no direct playback on CVRs site)
With SLR you can buy CVR Casting and CVR fetish videos that include the script for direct seamless interactive streaming though in their SLR app

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Thanks! I’ve got a sub for CVR, but I only recently got the Handy, so I’ve been busy downloading scripts here. Didn’t even realize I could download scripts from CVR until now.

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how up to date are they with their scripts? As soon as a new vid launch does the script launch with it?

They usually take a week or so to get updated with a script. Definitely within 2 weeks.

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