Dark Dreams VR


I was curious if anyone was a patreon supporter or knew about

From what I gather, they make VR hentai videos. They usually link their videos to vrporn.com, for example,

However, i haven’t signed up so I was wondering if anyone knew how long these videos generally are. The link provided shows clips that are generally 3 - 5 long but i’m not sure if that’s just a clip or the full video itself. It’d be cool to see some cartoon VR but i’d rather not sign up if the videos are short.

Appreciate any help anyone can provide.

Yeah all the videos are generally about 3-5 mins long for the full video

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Oh okay, that’s a little disappointing. Thanks though

yeah most of these type of videos from Patreon seem to be about the standard. I highly recommend checking out Nagoonimation if you want some more quality animation (no VR though)