Dead Pornstars tributes

I was thinking about a few stars some not here or not many of them not having many scenes or scripts here. when I figure it out I will script many of these but I thought it might be cool to share this idea. can star with vintage stars and move into more recent stars. doing their scenes and maybe a few PMV tributes. (preferring action based with fillers myself. I think there have been so many classic stars and even some of the newer ones that had skills, it would be a good idea in general. a true rip set. there is a long list on the Iafd

on;y criteria here would be someone passed that you liked and whatever scenes you like. . I think it is a cool idea. and perhaps we might name the stars and perhaps some winning scenes etc

<----unpopular opinion:

Having a quick glance through…given the amount of same causes…over…and over…again…I’d personally say no. Let them rest…plenty of girls around to get off to, leave the troubled souls alone. I may be in a minority here, but there’s some faves I just can’t watch anymore now I know of their lives.

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I don’t think it’s that unpopular. If you think of someone as a fap material because they are dead then it’s… interesting.

You clearly don’t get it… You don’t need to know their life etc. After all you are not masterbating to them for their personality. Etc.

More stars get hooked on drugs. Than are clean though some you just would not guess it.

Many killed in car accidents and killed by boyfriends.

Dakota skye is hot and has skill, I was surprised that she died, and because of a. Drug problem.
She still has plenty of great scenes not scripted yet.

There are lots of these hot pornstars that are gone that we still enjoy their material.
So I think you are right you are in the minority.

It’s more of them not ceasing to be fat material just because they passed on. It’s like saying old people suddenly stop being hot because they died.

In the reality they were hot 20 years ago the movie were watching is from 20 years ago it doesn’t really matter that they’re 60 now because they were hot when the material was made.

People make tribute videos all the time. I suggest it almost as a memorial. And because many of then have just superb material

Might be just me but I havent jacked to it any of those pornstars ever. Just went top to bottom on that list, I recognized a couple names but never really found them hot (raven bay/dakota sky/yurizan beltran, shyla stylez) but beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


That didn’t need confirming. Seems more of an issue with you than it does myself from your long-ass-winded reply.

Little tip, don’t ask for opinions on the internet if you don’t want to hear answers that go against either your narrative or own opinion.

Oh, don’t get me wrong. I’m totally ok with pornstar tributes. However, if I see someone made a tribute mainly because the star is dead then it’s insta boner killer for me. There are some people who will fap to someone the day they die to “memorize” them. I’m mostly against the latter behaviour. If you want to memorize someone make it because you enjoy their videos, not because they are dead, that kind of thing.

Sometimes knowing less makes it easier to enjoy things in life.

perhaps you just never saw much of the material. many with skills and more just have to get a scene that displays it. … so who do you like? there are reoccurring types so I am betting there are more than a few on the list. some have been taken way to early .

i think you also really do not get the idea. they may be dead, but the idea of the tribute has to do with the body of their work. they did not stop being hot. but they can never get any more material from them.
tribute is still worthy, and the material out there should not be cast to the side just because they are dead many might note know they like someone that is gone

funny how many are responding to this . creating their own idea on what i mean to do , i am thinking kinda like a memorial,. but, it is still IN tribute.
people seem to be acquiring some kind of morality. (funny)
Penis non compos mentis
it is not morbid. they should not simply cease being hot fap material.
but, whatever you guys say does not apply to us all. after all the dakota sky scrips and videos are still up. anna mal videos are still around. she has many hoyt scenes and i would love to see more scripts on these . so i will have to do it eventually.

If I get it right, your concern might be the appreciation towards the legacy left behind by these fading stars. Not that “they died”.

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yep that is part of it there are also lots of stars who had talent and they fall into obscurity.

i did not actually ask for your opinion. you have not really had a long reply since you have yet been crushed under the wall of text. also did not ask for any tips.
there is no narritive from me. you might have your narritive but narratives are deception. you simply not getting it and your pretense is all there is. mines not an opinion. mine was pretty much a suggestion and something i intend to do.
so there you go being wrong again. show me where i said your name and invited you specifically for your unwanted opinion.

you might Ashwell exclusively jerk to animated porn. since you wanted to place some kind of pretense. . (many do drugs in porn, they are still pretty and sexy unless the drugs take their toll)
we are obviously not doing the same thing. or for the same reasons.
a tip, do not interact if you think your opinion is going to out weight someone else’s :wink: :wave: opinion. because that is only how facts work not opinions and feelings. .
you do not get it i can see that you confirmed that, you can ride off on your huigh horse