DeoVR, DLNA and thumbnails?

Hey, my video collection is growing and I’m downloading a lot of czechVr scene with there strange names actually. I know that I can rename them but it’s not the problem. I’m using deoVR and a dlna server. Is there a way to show video thumbnail in doevr when accessing to dlna. I only have default grey picture so the file list is doing the same actually

try xbvr. it will match file names and pull up thumbnails for each vid in the deovr api.

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not sure to understand well what it’s doing. I have to start it and access the server with deovr web browser ? And it’w doing the DLNA job ? It basically replace my actual DLNA ?

yeah basically. its a server that runs in the background that deovr can hook into like it does SLR. it scrapes metadata, tags, thumbnails from studio websites for each scene. that you can use to browse.

okey thx, I have changed a lot of video name by removing strange caracter like “&” and spaces. It will fucked up the scraping ?

You can manually pair video file with actual video scraped from the net if you have renamed some. However, I gave up using xvbr due to a large offline library and I have renamed every video file to studio-actress(es) - video title - resolution angle 3dh/3dv.mp4 since the very beginning of my VR journey. That means that I would have to pair every single file manually since no file is named like the download from the official site. It was too much work so the question is if you have a more manageable amount of renamed videos than me. Xvbr seems to be really nice otherwise.

I actually doing pairing manually ^^. But only around 100 videos so it’s ok I just have to add space between words

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