DeoVR dropping DLNA - alternatives?

So it appears that DeoVR is planning on dropping DLNA support. I typically use DeoVR on my Quest 2 because I can use one program to stream or use a local network for both 2D and VR and integrate script support for everything. I know other players have better picture quality and some people value organizing through XBVR or Stash, but I prefer the convenience of DeoVR.

So if I need to replace DeoVR for downloaded material, does anyone know the alternatives aside from XBVR or Stash that can integrate scripts in both 2D and VR? Additionally, I’m on a Mac, so that rules out Scriptplayer-based solutions (I think).


Maybe for the first: Stop Updating DeoVR :wink: But thx for the hint, because i use it the same way :slight_smile:

Edit: Another idea would be to run a webserver on your main pc system (via XAMPP or something like this) and build a simple own website where your video files are acessible like on slr website and always start the webserver before using Quest2, so you should be able to navigate to your linked files by entering the URL of the “site” :wink:

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Thanks! Haha yes, not updating is the easiest stopgap solution.

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Where did you hear they’re dropping DLNA support? That seems like an abysmal idea with little upside.

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Wow are they trying to commit seppuku? lol How will general Quest 2 users use scripts… Their streaming app is not good in terms of consistency…


Seriously. Not sure whether the replies suggesting that people need to upgrade their headset and internet are just DoubleVR’s usual defensive nature kicking in, or if they’re just not clear in terms of what both their service and their customers are capable of technologically speaking. Especially with them making a big deal of rolling 8k out, this…just isn’t going to work. They liken it to Apple getting rid of a bunch of peripheral support, but it’s more like if Apple were to get rid of keyboards and mice/trackpads. Yes, eventually we might be able to interface with a computer using only our minds, but not right now.

(Plus the reason I pay for SLR is because it’s so convenient to have everything in one place. I don’t want to go illegitimate, but I’d much rather just download all other studios’ content for free and use the scripts offered here than switch back and forth between apps. I will absolutely trade SLR Originals for that and the $25-odd bucks it costs to maintain the subscription.)


100% Streaming only 7-8k videos will not work… Maybe if you live in a big city with access to fiber net? Maybe… But the overall infrastructure itself hasn’t even come close to catching up with the tech yet… Especially when dealing with scripts… Even one stoppage breaks the immersion and it’s not exactly easy on my Q2 at least to reset… Hope SLR doesn’t go down this road… I liked their scripts & content…

uhhh might sound dumb here but what is DLNA? and how does droppin this effect users?

Its a option so you have the ability to watch downloaded scripts/scenes off an external drive or server… DeoVR is the only script + video player for Q2 that’s ever worked for me… So not having dlna means you’d have to constantly dump files off/on your internal on Q2 or just attempt to stream SLR scripts only without network delays…

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DLNA is the way to stream videos from a computer to a remote device. In this case your headset.

For many who use the Quest 2, this is also currently the only way (that I know of; maybe this XBVR thing would work?) to use scripts with videos that are not hosted by SLR.

On the one hand, it makes sense that SLR doesn’t want to fill the role of providing the video player for their competitors. On the other hand, I think they have vastly underestimated how important a role that part of their service plays for their userbase, including the paying ones.

@torgo313, I can personally verify that no, a Fiber connection with gigabit internet is not sufficient to consistently stream at 8k. Some times it’ll work, but only when it’s at absolute peak performance in my experience, and it has to consistently be at that level throughout an entire session for obvious reasons. You can’t really have it dipping and spiking.


Which is a consistent issue with SLR in general even with downloads… Smh… We’ll see I guess… Makes 0 sense from a consumer standpoint…

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Ya seems like a good way for another competitor to come in and take SLR subscribers away. I don’t understand how short sighted they can be with this kind of move.

Ive got some shit internet with constant spikes in my apartment so streaming was never an option for me.


If that is the case they could charge money for non-subscribers to use their player. I don’t think they should do that but it sounds like a better solution than removing features to their Fking customers.


Instead of launching DeoVR from your Q2, could you launch the SLR app from your desktop while using oculus link? Then you would be playing videos directly from your local hardware.

I personally have my Handy fixed to a table next to my PC with my link cable attached and it works great for me.


There’s options for knowledgeable users for sure. It’s just stupid. I mean how does having dlna on your app effect anything? Seems like a power play to me… Something definitely that hinders and complicates things for the general consumer… Not a good look is all


I completely agree!

The removal of DLNA is actually 1 step in SLR’s future. They mentioned on the Reddit forum that SLR future will be eventually a pure streaming site. These are signs that more feature will be rolled back.

Just chiming in to give an option/alt for those who value HQ content esp for those that bought long term/lifetime subs.


Dropping $80 to effectively remove the best aspects of the Q2 (totally wireless standalone) would really suck, and definitely make me less inclined to continue participating. The biggest obstacle to VR, much less scripted VR right now is the sheer amount of setup it takes. Nobody really wants to spend 15 minutes just getting ready.

Hey man i agree with ya but it is an alternative thats all :slightly_smiling_face:

You can buy high quality cables that have been tested for VR and the Quest for $10-15 on Amazon (ie KIWI design Link Cable). I know I know that you mentioned about set up time! Im not discredited ur point at all but wanted to let other people and u know there is a cheaper option out there to try out.

Unfortunately, for all of us the direction SLR wants to go is streaming (See Below), which means videos and more importantly scripts will only be accessible through them possibly in the future :worried:.

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Can you imagine if a Q2 app like pigasus or a new creator came along to create another player with easy script capability’s and actual high end visuals… Man they’d make so much bank… Never understood why Deo was ever the only option. The visuals were always subpar to pigasus/skybox