DeoVR no longer supported in ScriptPlayer?

DeoVR is not showing up as an option for player in ScriptPlayer for me Do I need a different version of ScriptPlayer?


Do you have the latest version 1.1.1

If you choose Help

About / Check for new version
It will tell you which version you have and you can ask it to update to the pre-release version.

I would recommend grabbing the latest beta following these steps:

The latest build shows deo vr as an option for me. I had 1.1.1 for a long time, but noticed the beta builds were being refreshed much more frequently and looking at the build logs it looked like some valuable stuff being added so I update to the latest beta every couple weeks now and it’s been stable. Can always easily roll back to an older build if something is buggy, but so far haven’t had any issues.

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