Device presets

Curious if we should add device presets to make SexLikeReal scripts better compatible with Handy, Keon and upcoming OSR2/SR2 support. Or some algorithms to optimize scripts for different devices.

There’s a clear difference between Keon performance and Handy. Many movements are too fast for the Keon, making it stutter, hang, skip.

I can’t really comment on presets because I only own a Handy. However I have two suggestions for UX improvement :smiley:

  • On the Handy starting with FW 3, you can adjust the Stroke Zone via the buttons. There is a top and bottom point that define the stroke length / zone. It would be great if the same settings could be made or reset via the SLR app.

  • When lying on your back, the menu HUD is difficult to see because it is fixed to the z-axis. You have to lift your head to select or change a video. While watching a video, the player HUD can be moved freely and adjusts when re-centering. It would be great if the menu HUD would work just like the player HUD.

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Totally :+1:
Will be working on that

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…absolutely, scripts should be tailored to the device if possible. If that can be handled competently with algorithms, then win…