Dezyred Site

Hello everyone, has anyone tried the site?
I don’t think the concept of choosing which scene you want to do is bad. Almost like lifeselector but in VR.
But I don’t want to fall into a cost trap.
Can anyone tell me about the costs and the site?
Is the site worth it?
Is there also a scene where you can try it out for free? Are there similar sites?

Thank you in advance


you have to buy the Scenes with Credits, these can be bought threw direct payment. I didnt need a Subscribtion, i just bought credits for roughly 30€ and bought 2 Full Scenes with the matching Funscripts. The Scripts are alright, nothing Mindblowing but on the better side. All in all i could theoretically recommend the site, but theres one point that really gets on my Nerves.

The Navigation when your in the Scene is really annoying. Im really used to DeoVR and im very comfortable with it. I always use only my left Controller and i like to play around with the Pitch, Zoom and other properties when im Watching stuff. With the PlayaVR Player, things get confusing fast. For example, there are no Timestamps, neither is there a bar at the bottom showing how far in the Movie you progressed. You can`t skip the Dialog consistency, sometimes i get it right, sometimes i end up at the next scene. Especially when youre able to “move freely”, its really clunky sometimes or refuses to work properly at all. The thing i hate the most, is that its very difficult to change ur settings the way u like it. Pitch, the point of view, Zoom…all these things can be changed in the same tab with a few clicks in DeoVR. With PlayaVR, it gets way way more convoluted and difficult to change anything for no foreseen reason.

Maybe its just me…the cheapest Scenes with funscripts are available for 10-15€. You pay once and can watch the Scene how many times u like AND there are also Special scenes from other Studios which you get for free on Top. Some of them are also exclusive. You can download these to your SDD. Polt released to of those Scenes recently and they are pretty fun.

Give it a try if youre interested, it might be a really good experience, and if not, you only lost a few bucks.

Sorry for my bad english btw. Have a good one :+1:

Unlocking this full game costs 500 credits. Buying 525 credits costs $60

Double Delight VR Porn Game 8K | Dezyred

Awful deal if you ask me.

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Really great concept imo, I love lifeselector but this is not worth the price at all. You’re basically paying more than you would for a new video game just for slightly more interactivity than a normal vr porn scene.

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Dezyred often has sales on the credits, which can bring the price down for each game significantly.

If you just want the videos they can be downloaded for free and easily extracted from Play’a.

thats kind of cool maybe ill check it out when there is a sale or something