[Dieselmine] Mira and the Mysteries of Alchemy (Game Integration) - EDI

Has anyone figured how to fix the bridge to get into the plains to get the item? I’ve foolishly skipped most of the dialog and now am very lost.

You need to craft “Alchemic Wood Slabs” at the cauldron in Mira’s home.
You unlock the recipe by doing Grana’s main story quests.


Since the version of this game on dlsite is 1.03, I was unable to run this MOD. Also, does this MOD support the Japanese version?

Thanks for the feedback.
Looks like the DL-Site version doesn’t use some of the plugins as the others.
I’ve added a mod variant that should support it now.

Luckely, it seems the Japanese version mostly uses the same file names.
So it should work with the new DL-Site Mod version as well.

Thank you it works great! These kind of mods makes playing games like this much more pleasant.


fillers are enabled and I have the extra.funscript within the folder but it wont stop playing the last encounter sequence. Do i miss something?

I had a similar experience. Otherwise great mod and game!

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Would someone be kind enough to say if Mod works with the latest DLsite version? Not working for me ><;

Edit- I see that a version for Dlsite has been added to the download. Can’t wait to check it out!

Should work. Make sure you’re using the “[DL-Site]” Mod version.

This may be not so related with this game but I’m having an issue with the Edi Launcher in general, where I can’t connect to my handy for some reason in Bluetooth mode. It just won’t show up sadly.

I’ve tried connecting with the interface desktop server running, and I have .NET 5,6,7,8 SDKs.

I’m really not sure what else I’m missing unfortunately. I’d really love to get this working!