Discussion on how to learn to last longer

Hey community :slight_smile:
Surely each one of us has thought about that topic at least once in his life :wink:
So since I just got myself the handy with an awesome sleeve I am interested in some of your experiences regarding training yourself to last longer/to enjoy the session longer - and no I dont speak about substances here.
Of course I could google myself into sleep about this topic but I was curious if I could get some real experiences on here ;D like techniques or “training exercises” or habits and what not.

anyone here has discovered some game changing tricks? :slight_smile:


Vibrating Cock Ring, Penis Ring… https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0B63DRVLC?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share

This thing is awesome. I cut off the inner ring because that seems to be made for micro-peens


My commitment to my art is such that, sometimes I have to test my scripts with my own penis. If I have a lot of work to get through that day, that could be over an hour of scenes to test, how do I last?

Here’s my trick, I’m sure I’m not the only one to think of this but it works: take a normal Handy sleeve, I use an extra Gen 1 and turn it inside out so that the nubs are on the outside and you’ll be rubbing against the smooth side. This diminishes the friction enough to make it less stimulating. You’ll want to use a lot of lube though because you’re increasing the overall surface area.

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but do you actually learn how to last longer with this or do you just reduce the intensity and you would still be overwhelmed with very stimulating sleeves and stuff?

In theory if you did this frequently, I think you would desensitize things and would likely start to last longer. Honestly your best bet is likely getting some lube with a mild desensitizer.


would be nice to know if this really is the case!
well for me it would be a training for the real intercourse so I could last longer, lube couldnt be a solution then

Honestly a lot of it feels like pacing. I don’t get how guys are getting through the scripts in like the 300 speed range, but usually I’m able to use scripts in the 100 speed range indefinitely, but even at 150-200 I gotta take breaks and pause the video if the strokes are deep. I use the Handy TrueGrip Gen 2 which I think is pretty strong, smooth, and large, so that might be playing into it a bit.

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I have found that sexual practice, over time, can allow you to learn to last longer!
At age 70 I can last for a week or more with enough pills.
Was a lifetime of training worth it you may ask? Well the practice was demanding but probably so.

  1. Don’t stress about it. I know that sounds stupid, but if you’re worried about finishing early, I can almost guarantee that’s exactly what is going to happen.

What’s the worst possible thing that is going to happen if you DO finish early? If you’re with a partner, it’s time to put a tongue/hand/toy to work. Take a break and go for round 2 later if you can. Shit happens. If the person you’re with doesn’t understand that, you probably shouldn’t be doing the horizontal tango in the first place.

If you’re flying solo, then there really isn’t anything to worry about at all!

  1. SLOW DOWN. Seriously, just slow the fuck down lol!

That said, if you’re using a script, that’s not necessarily an option. I completely understand that, and I am guilty of scripting some stupidly fast content. BUT you can totally just pause the script for a few seconds/minutes if you need to.

Learn what it feels like to edge yourself. With practice, you’ll get a better handle on when you need to stop before you’ve reached the point of no return. That said, there’s always a chance you’ll fuck this up. In which case, refer to point 1.

  1. Get in better shape. Lose some weight, work on your diet, do some cardio. Your overall stamina will improve.

  2. Practice makes perfect! The more you get used to certain sensations, the less intense they’ll become and the longer you’ll be able to last. It’s as simple as that.

But Mr. Poop, I AM worried and I NEED to last longer RIGHT AWAY in order to fulfill my dream of becoming a pornstar!


  1. Try pelvic floor exercises. Next time you have to pee, try to intentionally stop the flow of urine mid-stream. Do this 5 times, 10 times, whatever you can manage. Supposedly this is meant to give you more control. I personally haven’t noticed much difference.

  2. Focus on breathing. Slow, deep breaths vs shallow fast ones.

  3. Loosen up! Don’t squeeze your thighs/butt/pelvis. Try a more passive position like laying on your back vs an active thrusting one.

  4. Visualize something unpleasant or not stimulating.

  5. Physically squeeze your penis, pull your balls, or tug on some hair. These sensations can distract as well as lessen sensitivity.

  6. Consult a medical professional. If it’s THAT serious, you should probably not listen to the advice of a dude on the internet who goes by the name of poop :poop:


I derailed a little from the main topic maybe, but I think it could help anyway.

To last longer you have physical and mental things you can do.


  • be healthy
  • quit smoking and reduce alchool consumption
  • train your pc muscles (Kegels)
  • learn to know your body, masturbate till you almost cum and stop, rince and repeat
  • when you feel the urge to cum try to not resist
  • relax
  • deep breaths
  • change the rythm
  • sleep at least 6 hours, better if 8
  • eat healthy food, avoid meat and animal products
  • do not eat too much before having your session
  • walnuts, pecan nuts, watermellon and avocado can generally help
  • try to be idrated all the time
  • empty your bladder before your session
  • if you suffer of constipation, eat more fibers, it will be easier to empty yourself and to relax your pc muscles


  • relax
  • enjoy the moment
  • think temporarly to other things not sexually related (you risk to get limp)
  • avoid being stressed

I probably forgot several of them, my “mantra” while masturbating (also when i have sex) is thinking at the three Rs, Respiration (breathing), Relax, Rythm (I offen get more tense without noticing it because I masturbate too fast).

You also should remember that human brain is not able to think at something “negative”. The classic example is “Don’t think to a pink elephant”, it’s impossible. So you should always say in your mind positive things like “I’ll resist”, “I can stand it”, “I’m strong”, “I can choose when to cum” instead of thinking “I don’t have to cum”, “I’m not going to resist the urge to cum”, “Do not cum”.

Even if you cum, and you’re still young, you should be able to wait 15 minutes and startover. If you’re older like me, probably you’ll have the opposite problem, sometimes you want to cum and you can’t, then when you finally are able to cum, you have to wait longer before being able to cum again. I’m 43 and am still able to cum at least three times in a day. When I was younger I could cum many times during the day, sometime even doing hours long sessions (I used to cum so much more then and even at 1 and a half meter away).

If you tried all of this without some benefits, I would talk to a professional. Have a look at some stats, you will be surprised to see the average time of sexual acts. If you think everybody does sex and lasts like in porno movies you’re totally wrong! Duration is overrated, quality should be more important.

Try finding some videos you like on Faptap, something about 15/30 minutes, mount your handy to have handfree, lean back and enjoy the moment, think at the three Rs and when you feel the urge to cum take some deep breaths, you’ll be surprised you’re still resisting, if not just hit the power button on the handy or pause the video. Rince and repeat.

Using videos you already know and that are not too exciting for you could also help.

I hope my words will help you

p.s. Italian is my mother language, be gentle if you don’t understand what I wrote. My three Rs mantra in Italian is: “Respira, Rilassati, Ritmo”.

EDIT: I can’t believe I forgot the most important trick (facepalm): when you feel the urge to cum, put your thumb and index finger (more if needed) and grab the base of your gland (the head of the penis, the mushroom top) and gently squeeze it (as a rubber band would do if around it), it should stop the urge to cum.
I would also suggest something to the partners masturbating/edging a man. Pay attention to the testicles, the harder and smaller they are (during the act), the sooner your partner will cum. If they’re loose and floppy cum is not about to come… pun intended…


LOL, we wrote almost the same things at the same moment, I think it’s a proof of experience or we read the same wrong sites… LOL

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Long term things have already been mentioned in other comments, but I’ll stress staying hydrated. I don’t think it’s anything ground breaking but you’d be surprised at how much you can extend a session solo or with a partner if you edge once or twice. Once you learn your limits and figure out exactly when to edge every time that’s a game changer, makes the finish more satisfying too imo. There’s also desensitizing products like gels, creams and wipes but those are hit or miss to me from experience.

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I’ll 3rd the suggestions made by Bobby V and PO0000OP, especially the pace and breathing parts. I use a double inhale followed by a long exhale when I start to get too revved up but I do this well before edging.

Deep breath once, hold that breath and then add a second decent inhale and hold that before a long exhale. I should add I also used this when playing in big sporting evens with decent sized crowds. It just relaxes your body but also gets your mind on thinking about how you’re breathing rather than overthinking or getting too amped up in the moment.

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Love the topic and its replies.

On a slight derail, what are tips and tricks or good info on increasing cum load size, like the moneyshots you see in porn.

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More or less the same things we wrote. Maybe add proteins to your diet.

If you masturbate longer you increase the cum load.
Edging multiples times also can help.
Personally I have a bigger load if I don’t masturbate for a couples of days. Longer has no benefits for me.

Actors fuck for many hours making many break due to production, when they finally are allowed to cum they usually have a big load, it they haven’t already had a cumshot that was cut from the scene.

Then there’s genetics, you can’t do anything about it. Some are tall some are small, many are average. In porn you’ll find more extremes cases. Everything has to be more and bigger.

I uploaded a video guide from a famous couple, have a look, I don’t guarantee any results.


They already took down the video, sorry. If you want Yuummycouple Training Guide Video for Big Loads gently ask and I will share the file.

God I love this community! Bunch of guys all here to enjoy the same thing, and having some interesting conversations along the way.

Fuk ya fellas :+1:

I don’t really have anything to add to this that hasn’t already been said. A big part of it is being healthy. Healthy body equals a healthy mind, and a healthy mind is a big part of controlling your orgasm. In my experience I found a couple things, the mental and the emotions both play a factor. If I ended up taking a girl home from the bar I would last much longer. I think this was because I was not emotionally attached yet. However, that all changes once you’re in a relationship. As for the mental, well. This one time me and my wife did mushrooms, I went for 3 hours before I finally popped. What I learned from that experience was how much the mental game plays a part in reaching climax. One minute I’m concentrating on grabbing tits, the next I’m totally focused on the colored lights in the room.

So my small piece of advice is to not just take a break, but to also take a mental break. Try to distract yourself with something else, I find TV kind of works. Especially something funny like stand up comedy.

You also might try some some stop and go/ red light green light scripts.

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A major part of this is genetics. Some guys make more cum than others. Then there is hyperspermia…

The single biggest thing you can do to make an improvement is stay very well hydrated and don’t cum for 2-3 days. Other things you can manage are quit smoking if you smoke, eat a healthy diet, reduce alcohol consumption, and exercise (cardio). Improving penile vascular health and increasing blood flow help. You can edge on and off those 2-3 days you are abstaining which can increase volume a good amount. Start doing kegels and really develop that PC muscle. Not only will that make you last longer you can squeeze and hold as you start to cum and release after your 1st contraction, that will feel great and give you some better distance. Past that you can Google “holy grail of cum.” The best collection of reports is on Thunder’sPlace. I think the HGOC thread on there is going on 10 years running now. They mainly discuss which supplements increase volume, consistency, color, sensation, etc. The most common supplements listed are L-Arginine and/or L-Citruline, Zinc with Selenium, Pygeum, and Sunflower Lecithin. Do you research though because some supplements need to be dosed carefully to avoid harm such as limiting Zinc to something like 25mg/day but this can be offset with copper (from what I have read). I have done the stack a few times with pretty good success. I didn’t “leak pre-cum like a faucet” from the pygeum as some have reported but I definitely made more. Volume increase was noticeable. Mega dosing the l-arginine gives your penis a nice tingling sensation. I would often go from being able to knock out 2 sessions with the Handy a day to 3 daily and half the time I could do 4. Now at that point any volume gains are lost but it sure feels great to be able to perform like that, especially as a guy in his mid-50s. It is recommended to take an occasional break to avoid developing a tolerance.


Because the entire script isnt a constant 300+ full-stroke speed. Then you have things like variations in stroke, and the area that is being stroked and the length of how long that “stream” of strokes is that change the overall feeling.

Avg. Speed: 292

A “break” in between more intense sections can really help with edging, and ultimately lasting longer once you find a sequence of strokes that you really enjoy. There are parts of PMV’s that I constantly rewind for this reason.


Use Handy ALOT :rofl: