Discussion on the trends and future of scripts

Hi All,

I’ve been reading the discourse here on eroscripts and have noticed a few trends and thought it would be useful to have a thread to discuss them without accidentally hijacking other threads.

I would argue that this forum is probably the hub for the people who know the most about the subject of funscripts and while we don’t all agree more discussion is never bad.

For this reason the two subjects I think that will most impact the future of this hobby are A.I scripting and Proprietary formats (i.e. handy tokens or the new syncbot format.)

I would love to hear peoples take on these subjects and where else they think this is going in the next few years.


I believe there is a trend towards more and more people selling their scripts and fewer release scripts for free now compared with 1-2 years ago (for VR at least). That combined with a flood of sub-par AI scripts on many of the VR sites kind of kills the motivation to script. Why spend time scripting something when there is an AI script for it. Many will probably consider that good enough and it’s there the same day as the video release. I’ve even read some mention that they prefer the AI versions compared to hand made scripts. So I feel it’s a bit of a down hill for scripts in VR.


I see the point your making. I don’t have any figures to back this up but i think the total number of free scripts is probably similar to when eroscripts started but as a percentage of the total is probably less.

In regards to VR scripts the scenes tend to have gotten longer which makes them more of a pain to script if your only doing it for fun.

Personally I tend to mainly script video’s I have made myself. It minimises the repetative nature of scripting when the scene changes every few seconds.

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Future scripting is fucked imo so enjoy it as long as you can. Players already fucking up the market (with AI scripts being in forefront) and peeps not realizing that they get replaced soon enough. But yeah also lots of peeps that are just there for the, pretty small amount for that effort, money. I dont mind supporting with money, but people only having released paid scripts and nothing else aren’t here for the community really. Especially not with them having already established communties on their Patreon site or Discord. I tend to script videos I like myself which most of the time only have boring scripts or none at all.


My thoughts exactly. Most of the VR scripts posted now are paid ones, not knocking people trying to make money but as you said free scripts used to be common. In the last week or so there have been 3 free scripts for full western scenes, compared to 16 paid scripts.

I think the thing is that scripting for fun has a short shelf life, while people making money (how ever much it is) have a greater reason to continue scripting and publishing. Majority of the people that made a lot of free scripts in the past are gone or inactive and no one has replaced them. Maybe some incentive to make free scripts would motivate more people to put the time in and post something for free.

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One possible incentive would be to require a ratio of free scripts to paid scripts on this forum. If you want to post links to paid scripts, you have to post X free scripts for every Y paid scripts. Not sure what that ratio should be, but it might encourage more free scripts to be posted by those currently using the site basically as free advertising.


I’m happy to be replaced by an AI if it’s open-source and not locked behind a company’s paywall. This is likely an utopian dream though.

However, if anybody is up to such project, I’m happy to contribute my scripts as training data.


Imo it should be required of paid posters to have posted at least one comparable script for free. Not enough people give feedback on paid topics so there is that and also no comparison.

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What seems utopian now becomes a reality tomorrow. That’s how it always goes. The question is just when tomorrow actually comes.

I think the majority of porn related content will continue to be free.

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I think for A.I. software to be open source it would require it being made by a small team not linked to a studio or more likely for funscripts to be seen as a great advert for videos.

Personally I am conflicted about A.I. scripts. Currently I dont think they are good enough to replace artisanal scripts but the gap is closing.

What I really hate is studios advertising scripts and not saying they are A.I. made. The Badoink scripts are better than the old meta scripts but nowhere near as good as scripts made with care on here. However if I was new to the hobby and didn’t know about this site I would probably be blown away by them.

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This is what im doing aswell. However when i made a script and see that someone made a paid version i am reluctant to post it here. It just feels weird if i post mine for free then. Like im trying to steal them from their pay i guess


This is simple. Interactive sex toys are a niche. In every niche you have participants of varying interest, participation, and expectations. These range anywhere from The Dabbler or Hobbyist to The Enthusiast. Enthusiasts usually hone and refine a niche for their own enjoyment, but in so doing push it closer and closer to the ability to be commercialized. The commercialization always brings more people into the niche, like the enthusiast always says they want, but it is never at the same level of quality that their enthusiastic experience has refined them to expect. This is the same for everything. Cars, sports, drinking, art, etc, etc.

As for the future. Some niches die off. Some live forever. Porn isn’t going anywhere. There are more and more interactive toys showing up too. They will all eventually die. They will be replaced with something bigger and better. We’re probably 5-10 years from experimental robots showing up. While currently have the tech to do something along the lines robotic real doll, it still has to have a boom arm to stand it’s self up, and all that hardware is going to cost $20k+ to do even close to right. The biggest hurdle though is programming. Ai and object recognition have come a long ways, but they are WAY off from being the sex bots of our dreams. But porn isn’t going anywhere, so we will get there.


Haha and I think that it’s good for the people that cant use the payment options on here or just want to have things for free in a shared community so there is that hehe.

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Personally, I don’t really like the Patreon approach as it’s sometimes easy to forget you activate one of those and forget about it if you just want one script. I’m all for selling via Gumroad as long as that platform still works well for the seller. I also don’t mind grabbing scripts from RealSync which seems to have pretty much died off at this point. Aside from that I prefer picking up the artisan scripts through SLR but it’s definitely preferred that all script authors release at least a few scripts until they’ve nailed their method of producing stellar scripts before transitioning to selling them.


Any scripting I do, no longer gets put on here, or anywhere. As soon as a scene becomes available, the top few active, paid script makers are on it. Kind of kills any incenitve to script at all. Tbh, I’m quite happy to ditch my device, and go back to hand cranking, considering the library of scripts that got started, then died cos a paid version came out. Sorry, rant over.

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I feel the same, we need a reservation policy similar to that of SLR.
Also limit the amount of the reservation.

Ive recently been making compilations and post 25min + compilations. I feel even if some scenes are by “Paid” makers. They cant complain since 99% isnt. I still feel people deserve free scripts though. Else everything will just die off.


Personally, I hope AI scripting gets better and will replace hand scripting in the near future. I think there is a bit of a way to go. AI gets better and better and the jumps are high. Currently, I think AI scripting isn’t as good as hand scripting. The AI may get the “rough” sections right (like riding, handjob etc.), but they can’t get the little details right. Some people may not care about that and they are happy that the AI gets the “rougher” stuff right.

I don’t mind different formats. I even think getting new formats are a way to improve the format. There is always something to improve and by trying new formats, we have a chance for improvement there. I think there is already an improvement with the Syncbot scripts: Script doesn’t need to have the same name as the video and script file and video doesn’t have to be in the same folder. Saves some hassle in my opinion.
What is required though, is a way to convert the script so everybody is able to play the script with their device.

I don’t have anything against paid scripts. If somebody wants to release their script for money, it’s fine. It’s their work, their time and they can decide to do whatever they want with it.
But I am a bit worried seeing an increase in people are releasing scripts for money or make patreons etc. In my opinion the whole scripting thing is from the community, for the community. A collective effort to make the devices worth while. If you look at it, most of it is made by the community. The scripting tool, a good script player, the scripts itself and other tools. To make everything last, we should work together as a community and offer everything for free. If we start to exclude people, scripting can’t evolve.

But I can understand people, who only script for money. It takes time, especially VR videos. And they don’t want their scripts shared without them knowing.

One important thing: I think people are not really encouraged starting to script. It seems very daunting and if they share their first script, they rarely get any feedback. If you do something for free, you feed on the feedback. If it seems nobody cares for your work and effort, nobody starts, continues or switches to paid scripting. We as a community need to do something to get more people into scripting and make other scripters want to share their scripts for free.

Same. Maybe we get lucky and some hobby programmer will release a good AI scripting tool and makes it open source. If a bigger company will control the whole AI scripting thing, it will get difficult for us (users and creators).

Overall I think scripting is in a good position. We’ve seen a good growth in scripts with a lot of variety in content. The popularity of interactive devices is growing and we get more and better devices. It’s very important we don’t have a monopol there, otherwise there is no evolution. Scripting is a fun little hobby I like to do from time to time. It’s a good way to turn off the daily routine and a way to relax, while watching or listening to something on my second monitor. I also enjoy the interaction with the community and I am happy I can reach some people with my work and make them enjoy their device more.

I am bit worried about people don’t share their scripts for free anymore and more people will go this way. This is not a fault of the creators doing this, often a logical consequence.

As a community we need:

  • To keep in mind that the whole scripting is community based. Everything we reached and built, we reached together as a community.
  • Shouldn’t exclude people, by putting our scripts behind walls.
  • To be more welcoming to new scripters and give them valuable feedback on their scripts.
  • Give more feedback to creators, so they keep motivated to share their scripts for free.
  • Be open to new products (software and hardware) and give developers and manufactures feedback.
  • Work on new ways to improve the whole experience. Either in software, tools etc. and make them open source for the community.
  • Keep a friendly and constructive discussion culture in the forum.

Dont worry about ranting. I made the thread to give people a place to rant and give opinions, so no judgement here. I also understand the feeling of scripting something and then either a different version comes out of someone beats you to the punch.

While you may have been doing it for free there is still enjoyment in recognition and displeasure when something stops here. It may not be rational but its still a valid and completely human feeling to have.

Credit to @GoonerScriptz for doing something like this with the Halloween scripts post.

There’s no real incentive right now for creating and releasing free scripts regularly. I don’t know what the solution is but I agree with you completely. I would also imagine that the level of encouragement that free scripters can get from the community may be limited to the capabilities of the forum host.

A weekly or monthly script competition of some kind, more community events, ratings for scripters and/or scripts are the first things I think of but I don’t know what would be possible to do.

As far as paid scripts go, I’m not opposed to them existing. If you want to be paid for your work that’s cool, I buy scripts from time to time too. But I don’t know if they should be as prevalent on here as they are. Someone that exclusively posts paid scripts on here without any community contribution isn’t using the site as a forum they’re using it as a storefront, and I don’t think that’s right.