DIY Handy Hands Free ideas?

Shared this on the Discord as well.

The simplest way to go hands-free with the Handy is to use 4" self-adhesive bandages and a cheap pair of suspenders. Wrap the bandage around your waist and the far end of the Handy with the bottom of the handy against your pelvic area (you can add padding with a rolled-down sock or whatever you want), then clip the suspenders to the bandage and adjust as necessary. Done. Now, you can change positions on the fly hands-free. Obviously, it’s not nearly as fancy as abdulis setup–nor is it wireless, but it works.

You don’t even need suspenders if you buy a long enough roll of the bandages. You can get creative with how you wrap it around to create a makeshift harness, etc.

There is a discord? May I get an invite please :slight_smile:

If you go to the Handy website, you can find the link/invite to the Discord at the bottom of the page.

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OHHHH thanks!

Me again… I have revised the hands³ further… please test print and try it out and let us all know if it needs more work - Thanks


Anyone here try this out yet?

I printed the Hands3 and it is by far the best hands free method I’ve used so far. I need to make some custom rope or straps for my waist and the chair.

100% hands free has intensified my sessions. Now to try this with VR

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Thanks :slight_smile:

  • I have updated further for those ironically fixed to the fixed to furniture way of ‘doing it’ - it now has full vesa compatibility :rofl: (vesa 100x100mm only) for use with monitor arms.