DIY Handy Hands Free ideas?

It’s more like a rat type situation but not exactly. It’s kind of hard to explain.

The only issue i see is stability. When its ment to be used while walking, a simple belt around your back isnt going to be stable enough. It needs some additional belts for stability. You realy dont want the handy to move. Especialy since in this case it will move its mechanical part into the dick. Something to keep its vertical position where it is, is mandatory.

I would suggest some vertical straps (like a backpack) to be a decent way to at least resolve that. This then could even allow another belt so the handy can be stabilized further. And that also enables a good location for a battery pack (backpacks are cheap).

For example something like:

The dashed line is there just as additional support to make it wiggle less while moving. While the red lines are more of an indication where a backpack could provide stability.

Thanks for the suggestion. On the old head and shoulders version there are some additional belt slots for further securing however, after testing the old i love you hand, found it to be secure enough and then i made this design where a cinch strap holds the handy in the hand and the fingers and or the additional wedge piece helps to secure against a users body which prevents the bobbing motion/adds to the vertical stability. However, its not really to be used when walking around - users should stand/sit/lay still and enjoy the hands-free joy etc.

I hope someone here can test this out and report back to confirm. I would but am ofcourse biased.

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I’ve added a revised head and shoulders version in thingiverse for use with any standard belt instead of the tactical belt as that can be an added cost guys may wish to spare. the side slots are first for the cinch strap around the handy and second for the waist belt going in and out the same slots. The top slot could be for those wanting to add a belt brace/suspender though i think it could be ‘over the top’ :slight_smile:
Screenshot 2023-07-03 230643
Screenshot 2023-07-03 230606

This probably may bobble if not tightened against the body enough…

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@Abdulis Really cool mounts! Would you happen to share the file for the handy’s case? I’m trying to design a way to connect the handy to a pump to create a Venus 2000 type device and can’t find a way to get the right dimensions anywhere.

Hi :wave: thanks - i just wish more folks would test print it to help improve further sure; Please join the handy discord and find it pinned in the customizations thread.

I now use a PVC tube bracket (70mm fits the handy perfectly) connected to a Stanley vise.

Bonus hack
I like the feeling of a sleeve inside a tube (somewhat similar to the fleshlight) more than only the sleeve attached to the handy. The standard handy sleeve comes in a tube. Did you know you can use this tube a holder for the sleeve?
Just put it in the sleeve, flip over the sides and fix it with a tie-wrap. Now you have a sleeve that cannot escape the handy no matter what. Disclaimer: doesn’t work on every size of John😁.

From my experience plastic cases do not remain stuck in the handy that well. There is a big sliding potential here. You might want to use some sticky velcro tape on the case so that can be used as a stronger attachment point.

With the handy sleeve case there is ZERO sliding. I’m using this method for a few months now.

Small penis alert lol. I like this idea but unfortunately would not work for me. I just wish they made a sleeve with loops on the sides that the strap fit inside of. Then the sleeve would never come out. Seems like an easy thing to me

How the Handy attaches to its sleeve is by far the biggest flaw in the entire design. Outside of that it’s great tho (minus the check-ins with their servers). I’m prepping to build a SSR1 or whatever tmax’s new design is called. Hopefully that takes the best of the design and adds on it.

The newer handy banding is an improvement or you could diy the omega band - Discord

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Yeah. The new band is definitely better than the original

Trilancer Elastic Cinch Straps with Anti-Slip Strips, 3 Size Combo(5-Pack) Heavy Duty Hook and Loop Storage Straps for Extension Cords, Cables, Ropes, Hoses, Bike, RV, Pant Garters,Garage Organization

These straps are far better than the handys strap. These straps have a rubber backing to stop slippage. I even doubled them up to have a stronger hold on the sleeve. A bit tough to get them both into the handys bracket but once you do you’re good.

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I designed another handsfree set up

Please test print and give feedback

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Anyone try this out yet?

14.09.23 - I have updated it further



I should be dumb as I didn’t see how the Handy is locked on your Hands3. Is it Only clamped when pushed inside the cup? It didn’t see any nut or so on the Handy side.

Imo it should fall down at any time if it’s the case. You may add a clamp like on official cup ( to avoid that happen.

Another point to add for convenience would be a wire guide but I don’t know if it’s useful or not.

Enjoy !


Handy pops in and wedges itself in the ring section. This holds well enough apparently however i still recommend using a trilancer cinch strap to hold the handy in the print.

A full write up is in the handy discord - Discord.

Wires … i recommend using a power pack and routing power cable from battery to handy within car seat belt padding on the belt.

I hope this helps.