DIY Lube recipes

Recently reworked my goto lube-recipe I shared earlier because of switching to X-lube (after running out of J-lube). I thought it would be good to share recipes in a central topic so people can find them easily and I am curious what other people are doing. The advantages of mixing your own are basically cost (25-30 euro’s for a couple of years worth) and control over the consistency.

Personally I find that X-lube by itself doesn’t do it for me, so I add some other ingredients to improve the consistency to my liking. You can omit the x-lube and just use (more) Xanthan, but mixing the two is definitely better.

Here is the recipe for 1 liter of lube. It is basically a mixture of x-lube and another popular recipe that is floating about, but tuned to my liking for for use with automatic strokers.

  • 1.5g of X-lube
  • 6g Xanthan gum powder
  • 40g of vegetable glycerin
  • 950ml of warm water
  • 3 teaspoons of citric acid (Optional, to increase shelf life)

Fill a 1 liter bottle halfway with warm water
Thoroughly mix dry ingredients (x-lube, xanthan, citric acid) into the glycerin until smooth.
Poor glycering mixture into container and shake well.
Top off the bottle with warm water and continue shaking.
Let cool and transfer to fridge, shake occasionally.
Ready to use after 30 minutes, at its best after a couple of hours.
Keeps in the fridge for 1-2 months.


Where do I find “x-lube”? Not getting a result on amazon. Mind sharing the brand or more info on this product? Also, what is the citric acid for: preservative? If so, why must it be refrigerated? Thanksfor sharing your methods!

Seems it’s been removed from Amazon in the US for some reason. An alternative is something like J Lube:

Hope it helps.

This is it:
Both refrigeration and citric acid are to increase shelf life. I store a large bottle in the fridge and transfer to smaller containers as needed. J-lube will work as well, but it does contain sugar, so a prepared batch might not stay fresh as long as the X-lube variant.