Do u notice a diffrence in quality when watching vr

I don’t really notice much of a difference, even when going from 4k to 7k. I am using a quest 2 with XTP player, deo vr. don’t know if its a problem with my end, but when I am playing videos in deo VR I checked the video quality and it was greyed out and set to 1920p. I am really new to all of this and am very confused or maybe to me there is no noticeable difference.

Substantial difference between 4, 5 and 6k. After that not always. Some 8k really shines while others are upscaled 5/6k and just look bad for it… looking at you vrbangers.

If I stream from like SLR I do get things downscaled sometimes. If I run locally hosted videos with HereSphere or Playa they are properly scaled. Whether via DLNA or XBVR.

I also have a quest 2.

It really depends on the studio. You have to learn which studios are worth downloading the higher resolution and which where you can stick to slightly lower resolutions.

As mentioned already, those studios using upscale to produce higher resolutions aren’t worth the download/disk space. There are also other factors such as camera quality (not just resolution), studio/set lighting, camera settings and so on. Some studios are really good at producing really high quality 4K while others produce videos that barely look like 3K (lots of grain and choppy/low frame rates).

The VR headset resolution also affects things of course. I haven’t got a Quest 2, but from what I can find it is a mid to high resolution headset, 1832x1920 per-eye. It has excellent price performance though. If you compare it with some high resolution headsets you find e.g. HTC Vive Pro 2 with 2448x2448 per-eye and Pimax 8Kx has 3840x2160 per-eye (it has an insane FoV), but those cost a small fortune.

The entire video isn’t shown in the FoV so it is worth having a higher resolution than 1832x1920 for Quest 2. You do look around to see different parts of the scene after all. Remember that depending on the video projection (fisheye, equirectangular etc.) the image quality varies to different degrees the closer to the edge of the image you come. The best resolution is in the center of the image.

So try finding the optimal resolution that works for you for each studio (download different resolutions and compare). You will figure out which resolution is the optimal for your hardware and where a higher resolution isn’t worth the marginal image improvement compared to the increased file size (disk space is an issue for most when it comes to saving your favorite VR videos).

i also notice a big difference in quality in the setting. When it is shot outside with a lot of vegetagion the quality is almost always bad (blocky), for some reason the camera’s cant handle that very well.

Personnally, I do see quite a difference between 4k and 6/8k, but past 6k it’s very hard to tell. You see it slightly but it’s not enough to really enhance the experience IMO. I use the oculus rift S with whirligig and it works like a charm!

As a general rule, once you hit about 50% above the resolution of your headset (which is a side-by-side width of 5760 for the Quest 2), you’re not going to see any differences that aren’t due to some factor other than resolution (bad upscale, bad encoding quality, etc.).

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