Does anyone have experience using the Pulse Solo Interactive?

Also that sucks that everyone seems to have problems with their pulse solo. I guess I got lucky on mine… for now. We’ll see how long it lasts I guess.

Because 1ms is not enough for the pulse solo. I don’t really know if that would fix your issue with the handy on bluetooth though. I haven’t had issues in the wifi-mode though.


I bought the lovense gush because i kinda got pissed waiting for a response from kiiroo. They havent replied yet to any of my emails and i already sent 3 messages.

I forgot to update my experience lol. I got my replacement. They replied on the 2nd week of waiting. Its now working as intended. They acknowledged that there was an incident with a bad batch that was not stored properly and mine seems to be part of that bad barch. Got my replacement. Honestly. I find it decent enough that i havent gotten the energy to setup the osr since i got it lol. Its pretty darn strong. I bought the lovense gush when i got pissed waiting for a response from kiiroo. But man. The lovense gush is like a tickle. The strongest setting of the gush is just the 2nd strength of the pulse solo. It was an effort to get off with the gush but its damn good for really really long sessions. But i really like the pulse solo more. Kinda sucks because you still kinda have to hold it. Not thick enough to let it sit there on its own.

Great for updating anyone coming across this @hifushvu012 - glad they took care of you as I reassured you they would :slight_smile:

Its for sure near the top of my fav toys still for precisely the reasons you describe

As for handsfree, try just keeping your underwear/tighter boxer shorts on and tucking it all in place as if you were dressed normally as it should hold nicely handsfree that way if you are finding it not thick enough for your use case

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