Does anyone have experience using the Pulse Solo Interactive?

Just thought its something to consider since it seems like its good to have for some quick session. Because of time constraints, its hard to do the setups for the launch and the osr sometimes. The clean up too. Need something “quick”. How does this work in terms of following a funscript? Does it use the exact same script? Just curious as to how it works and if its worth it? Its been sitting in me cart for a while and I just basically need someone to kinda convince me to press buy lol

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The pulse solo was the first funscript compatible device I got and I’ve used it for a couple of months now. The way it works with the fun scripts is by increasing vibration based on the height of the stroke. In short, 0% vibration is the bottom of the stroke, 100% is the top of the stroke. Since most scripts are designed for strokers like the handy and not the pulse solo, it ends up being the opposite of what you would want (like 100% vibration when there’s no action and 0% when fully inserted).

I personally use xtoys which has a ‘tease’ i.e. an app on the site which allows you to invert the script which pretty much fixes this issue. On desktop, ScriptPlayer also has options to convert position to speed.

The biggest downside to the toy is that it does not function well with things like cock hero where strokes may fluctuate quickly. The pulse solo does not play well below ~20% vibration; it basically does some sort of a soft-shutdown at very low speeds and has a delay before starting again. So quick ‘strokes’ from 0 are basically impossible.

That being said. It is a VERY VERY good toy if you want something to use when feeling lazy and still want to make things fun. I never used lube and the device never got dirty, so I only ended up cleaning it a couple times. It also is really good for apply stimulation to varying degrees. I’m about 6 inches and could either have it hug the bottom, middle, or top of my shaft depending on how intense I wanted things to be. And as long as it wasn’t directly on the head, I could leave it on during orgasm where normally I would have to pull out of a toy due to sensitivity issues (huge plus for me).

And I just got a handy and I can tell you it’s a totally different experience from a stroker. So if you’re looking for something new, it would be a good buy. Worth it in my opinion if you have the spare cash!

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Ohhh so pretty much what i kinda imagined. Except inverted. Cool. If you can elaborate. How fast are we talking? Im buying this kinda with pmvs in mind. Not really cock hero tier. Also thanks for the advice on that 20%. Ill make sure those pulsating scripts is at least 25%.

If you can remember. What script is the fastest that the pulse can handle? Going to study that script/video and see its capabilities

What you said is why i was interested in the product. Just put it on and let it rip, minimal cleanup. It really appealed to me i love my fleshlights but sometimes, im lazy lol

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I can’t remember a script off the top of my head - I had usually just used a random video/script button on xtoys. I just bought a handy this week though and haven’t played around with my pulse solo in a little while. What I can say though is probably a 1-second interval from 20% to 100% would be sufficient for the device to respond properly. From my experience, blowjob scripts have worked the best.

Another bit of advice I remembered if you use ScriptPlayer is to play around with minimum command delay. It helps to alleviate some of the issues with faster scripts.

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Thanks. Im asking a lot but in all honesty. I already bought it even before i posted this question lol. Its more of seeking confirmation that i didnt make a bad purchase lol. Unfortunately because of the long weekend, i still dont have the tracking number. Really looking forward to trying it out. I also bought it as a fluffer for the osr lol. Also bjs. My kind of thing anyway. Plus, I got a sub for adulttime and they have an interactive mode. I tried using the launch and it doesnt work well but i hope the pulse will fare better.

you can invert scripts in OFS

So I got my device. Any advice how to use this? I connected to scriptplayer and its playing scripts fine. My problem is… When I pause the video, this thing keeps on vibrating. This will kill me lol. Any idea on how to proceed from this?

The website says you can add lube and use it as a stroker. Can it be used as a sleeve in the Handy or will it shred your dick to pieces?

I’m completely confused by this feature in ScriptPlayer. I don’t understand what it does and what I should set it to.

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I think I remembered having that issue as well, and basically having to either move the device physically so that it’s less intense, or sending a stop playback/script command. On xtoys there’s buttons for that basically, but I’m not really sure it’s possible on scriptplayer now that I think about it. Maybe try other funscript players if it’s a dealbreaker.

I’ve never even thought of using them in combination. I’ve actually never even use the pulse solo with lube. Sounds extremely intense lol. The pulse solo already grips me pretty tight so I’d imagine it may feel unpleasant having the bands tightening even more, and the pulse solo does have some weight to it so it would slow down the handy as well and definitely would need to be strapped in relatively well.

As for the minimum command delay - it’s the time between individual commands. Say the device receives a command to go to 0%, then 1ms later gets a command to go to 40%, then another 1ms gets a command to go to 0%. What the setting does (to my knowledge) is bumps those delays up to the minimum command delay. So instead of 0% → 1ms → 40% → 1ms → 0% it would be 0% → 60ms → 40% → 60ms → 0%. It does affect the experience a bit, but sometimes without setting the delay properly it just wont process the % changes at all which is no fun.

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Maan what a let down. After synching and testing out a script once. Didnt even actually use it. my pulse broke. Once you open it, it vibrates once. And nothing. I can hear a faint sound if i put my ear on the device. It looks like something is stuck. After 2 mins, the device starts to get reaaaaaally hot. Now i gotta deal with customer service.

I’ve gone through 4 pulse solos. the first one lasted about 3 weeks. The next two lasted 2 or 3 days. The last one was nonfunctional on arrival. Customer service responds right away. They gave me no hassle and replaced my device immediately. So that’s really nice. But the damn thing doesn’t work, so I stopped asking for a replacement.

And the interactive feature leaves much to be desired. What I did, with the first one, was secure it to my handy. So the handy was following the script and using the pulse as the stroker. I also manually turned on the vibrations from the stroker. Holy sweet jesus, it was great, but not for the faint of heart.

But like I said… maybe I have terrible luck, but this thing seems like a piece of shit. I started to suspect that my experience is very common based on the way customer service was ready to replace it, no questions asked. When they sent the replacements, they would follow up on the day of the delivery to ask me if it worked. So yeah… that says a lot about their expectations lol…

i like my solo so far… but hate the batteries on all kiroo’s … i outlast them all the time and nothing worst than having to stop mid-immersion. About the INVERTED… i now leave my script alone and just config MultiFunPlayer to auto invert the up and down … by default it is the wrong way…
I then added a Lovense Hush at the same time… and now we are talking… if i could plug another hole i would…


Well that sucks. Mine worked for like. Less than a minute? Just to test out and learn how to sync the device to scriptplayer. Just when im about to use it, its dead. I didnt even touch the protruding part. I didnt even get a chance to wear the darned thing. So i guess with your experience and mine, it seems to be common.

The players can invert on their own. Prob not a good idea to invert the script themselves. Specially when you have other devices.

yeah, actually, I had a pretty good time gutting them after they stopped working.

Here’s the part that blows my mind. All 4 of my devices failed for the same reason. A lack of power. Sounds like what had happened to you. As far as electronics goes… it’s a relatively simple problem hah. There are only so many reasons why there would be a power failure hah…

Basically, the battery was wired very poorly to the circuit board. Just an all around shitty soldering job.

Most electronics have pretty shit soldering jobs. However, it makes a difference with this one. Why? Because this thing vibrates and rattles around like crazy. The device is practically hollow, and so there is a ton of space for the internal components to get knocked around.

Also…who the fuck decides to sell this thing without building some sort of casing around the circuit board? Seriously… it just ends up bouncing around inside of this device.

Omg well that sucks. Pretty dangerous too since its a battery. It would suck if things caught fire because of a tiny vibrating egg

So why don’t you just set the minimum command delay to 1ms? I’m having trouble with my Handy skipping perfectly reasonable strokes over bluetooth so I’m wondering if it has something to do with the minimum command delay.

I make a backup of my scripts before I invert them, creating two versions of the file. It was only a suggestion but I may have misread the part about it being reversed.

“if i could plug another hole i would…” LMFAO I actually started dieing laughing :rofl:

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