Does anyone want access to almost every single estim audio file that was stored on the original Stereostim users board

I am new here but an old original member of the long-dead stereostim board of adventurers from 30 years ago. I collected almost every script or audio file that members had created and still have them. 20 years ago I was selling CDs on eBay teaching how to make your own estim machine using everyday items found in most guys’ garages.

Today I use my E312, and love tri-phase setups, and have made many of my own trodes. I am now experimenting with VR, Cock Hero creation, Estim, and chemical enhancements among others to explore more of what I enjoy.

I will update this thread with instructions on how to gain access to the files once I get them all collected, and likely make them available through MEGA or some other site for download.

I would ask the mods to edit and or correct me in this post if I have violated any rules of the site as that was not my intent, so apologies to all if that is the case.

I am sure I will be learning more as I explore the site, and thank in advance for your patience if this is of no interest to the group…



I also have many of these files and would like to see if I missed any good ones.
One question though. Will these be in an mp3 format or the custom Stereostim format? I suspect that there won’t be many that can play these with the custom player.
Just curious for now.

I know many of them are already in mp3 format, and I converted many so that I could upload them to my 312, using the software from Erostek. Once I get them all in one place and zipped, I will post them here so that others can have them. Maybe some are new!


Can an expert like you explain me what you need to play this files and what you use for estim ? I never tried it but was looking since a long time

Usually, any stim unit will allow for an auxiliary audion two-channel input. My ET-312b does. So I can load MP3 files on a portable device, NOT a phone as an incoming call might be an issue, but any MP3 player. OR, one can simply do the same with a PC using the 3.5mm stereo jack outlet as the source and then any player to play the files to the stim box.

I’m interested, I know Stimaddict’s archive has a stack of some of the smartstim mp3 files, but I don’t know what is missing.

Hi @morethrottle

Yes, I’m keen.

Thanks for this :blush:.


YES PLEASE :pray: :pray: :pray: i have an E-Stim device!

Any update on this?