Does Max 2 And Solance Work With eroscripts?

Does Max 2 And Solance from Lovense work with eroscripts?I’m thinking about buying one but I don’t know if it works with the scripts on this site

As far as i know, all lovense toys work as you can connect them using initface. And then map the axis in multifunplayer.

You will need a bluetooth dongle for it. Which ones work best i dont know, i already had one that just happened to work. But BTLE is the protocol it must support at least.

Yes, lovense has their own dongle for connections, but its generaly not as well supported as just a standard bluetooth dongle (the lovense dongle is just a more restricted bluetooth dongle)

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@Kafka - You can connect your Lovense Max 2 without the need for any other dongle, directly through haptics connect and DeoVR app →

The Solance is not supported though - I would personally recommend considering buying higher performing true stroker toys like Keon or the Handy for your stroking needs as the Solance is quite loud and also it would not be able to accurately playback scripts properly as intended as it only oscillates (moves up and down at preset speeds)

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The reason I chose Lovense over The Handy is because of their price here in Brazil, the price of 1 monthly minimum wage is very expensive.
Thank you for commenting about the solance, it was my first option when purchasing, now it is no longer.
The Keon is the same price as the handy so it’s very difficult to be an option but honestly if I could I would buy it

I have a Max 2 and yes it works with Intiface/Script Player combo. Max 2 is a very good stroker also.

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