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@WhereIsMyCock but each droplet cost money and so does the load balancer service and more powerful database services. Whatever solution is chosen the cost will rise if we want equal or better performance as the site grows. We have been spoiled with having @hugecat paying for everything so far.

I assume that there isn’t a need for any large sums to keep everything running. Lets hope there are enough people that can manage bitcoin and etherium payments and are willing to donate a little. So far I’ve stayed away from crypto currencies due to issues with bank transfers in my country, but maybe I need to reconsider now. A “buy me a coffee” site had been ideal though because crypto is preventing a lot of people from contributing. I do understand the concerns about doxxing though.

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Yeah, I totally don’t expect most people to know anything about crypto, and so donations to be relatively limited.

I was paying ~$70/month, then I turned on thumbnails and that shot up to like $250+ lol… Added a CDN recently which should reduce costs a bit, but wouldn’t be surprised if costs continue to go higher over time. Costs are largely due to bandwidth usage. If we need to upgrade to a more powerful droplet, that’s also going to be a big jump in cost too.

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In my opinion, DigitalOcean is completely overpriced anyway. I have a server with 4 dedicated cores and 8GB RAM for about 11 dollars. The same specifications would cost 48 dollars a month with DigitalOcean :rofl:.
Now you could say that the performance is better with DigialOcean. But I don’t believe it and I am very satisfied with my server. But must also say that not much runs on it.

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Why don’t you just deactivate the thumbmails again? I don’t think they are so important that they would justify such a big price increase.


…i don’t crypto i’m afraid, so i’m still unable to contribute. i think the suggestion of a Patreon is a good one, or just DM me your PayPal and ill send you some wedge.

Ultimately there’s no need for a particularly streamlined payment service, in fact having several different (crypto / PayPal / coffee / Patreon / etc) services would keep the traffic to a minimum on each one. As you’re only asking for donations at this point there’s no need to bring it all under one roof, none of us care if you accidentally make a profit, i’m sure it’ll get ploughed right back in asap anyways, so no need for an eTrail as far as i’m concerned, hell, buy yourself a big cigar and a bottle of champagne and kick back, you deserve it…!

I’d be willing to shell out some money a month if it keeps the thumbnails but yea, a price increase like that is huge considering the benefit, I’m shocked it went up that much

It would be nice if the thumbnail plugin could automatically create optimized thumbnail images (i.e. size 200x200, around 3-4KB per image), instead of linking to the full image. Right now, the site needs to send 100+KB images, which are then scaled down by the browser.

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I don’t like crypto, my wallet is near empty and dusted. I will support this site, if you add another “normal” payment solution.


Idea: What if some scripters offered scripts for donating to eroscripts? It could work similarly to the SLR / RS discord server.

Basically people gather funds for the video and once there is interested scripter and people agree for him to do the script, they donate the money to eroscripts and he does the script for them. The benefit could be the script being exclusive for some time to the donators + the script is made for the video those people want to see. Kind of like: “If I do a script for free, I can help eroscripts a little too.”.

Afterwards someone can offer sending money to eroscript via crypto and the people can gather the funds via paypal. Of course, it’s certainly trust limited.


I was thinking about the same thing. Maybe I put some scripts on a minimum price + “pay more if you want” and give the revenue without transaction costs to hugecat.


I’d also be willing to build an OSR2+ and auction it off monthly. All proceeds above the cost of materials would go direct to hugecat.


I’m in the ‘don’t have crypto, but would otherwise donate’ bucket. I like the script with donation concept, kind of like a funding drive/telethon

This is an interesting idea to keep in the back pocket.

That said, for the immediate future, I’ll look into using other sites people are used to like patreon. I suspect (/hope) we’ll get enough support that way.

might be a bug where this is no longer appearing at the bottom of every page. I’m gonna be honest I have no idea why, since it works in my admin preview. Maybe a CDN issue? :person_shrugging::dizzy_face:

updated to include non-crypto donations Donate to EroScripts

What kind of server does this site need. What specs i must think about it

if you want to look, we’re currently using the digital ocean droplet, premium amd, 8gb memory tier

If you can reply to this message with link to the serwer that could handle our site i mean like link to amazon or other shop maybe i would be able to buy it or something similar if price for electricyty wouldnt be high

I guess it is this one ES use now (regular, 8GB memory, no idea how much disk space):

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