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Just added a patreon integration plugin. By default, it added all people who donated via patreon to a ‘patron’ group, added a Patreon flair next to your username, and added the patreon logo next to your avatar.

However, these are just the defaults. Let me know if you think it should be changed.

I’ve been Patronized!

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…so that’s why i’m staring at an orange!

This may make me sound like a dumbass… How does it know?

Earlier the site was updated with a Patreon plugin.

i’d assume it matches the email you use on patreon with the one you signed up with here

I was wondering the same thing … Either by cookie session or email :thinking:

yay a badge!

At the moment i cant donate much but i still feel the urge to pith in. So for now a little, hopefully a bit more in the future if my bank account allows it.

And THANKS for adding a non-crypto option!

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Patreon now - thanks for all you’ve done for this community!

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Donated, Thank you :relaxed:

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donated! thanks for all the effort and time you put in to the site and community!

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Set up a regular Patron donation. EroScripts has done so much for this community, so thanks for keeping it running and thanks to everyone who contributes!

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Patreon now, thank you so much for this forum and the awesome scripts.

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