Download Pornhub videos

To download Pornhub videos, just past Pornhub-link on this page and hit search-icon:

You then get a list with the video-clip in different quality for download.
Clic the Download-button for the quality you prefer (1080 is the highest quality you can download for free…1440 won´t work so don´t click that selection).

On the new page that opens, click “Click here to start the download” in the upper right corner.
The video then opens in the same window. To save it to your computer, click the vertical three dots in the lower right corner and select “Download”…the video-clip now gets downloaded to your harddrive.

Good luck!


Just use JDownloader instead of disastrous ‘online converters’.

Use this direct link for adware-free setup.


Also want to plug youtube-dl, really great tool that works for pretty much every video streaming site.


For a very long site youtube-dl did not support a lot of sites (i dont know if they finaly updated it, but for like 6 months a lot of sites could not be parsed). But for that there is a fork: yt-dlp

The fork has a few more features, and supports a lot more sites due to more active maintenance. If youtube-dl seems to have issues downloading something, this fork has a good chance to solve it. And you can check the supported sites as reference.

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I prefer not to download and install unknown software on my computer, and then saveporn-page fill my needs perfectly…main thing is to use a solution you like.

We have similar topic already:


JDownloader is pretty well known for downloading, so it being unknown to you is a different thing.

If you’re worried about something like that, I can’t understand using a site like yours, which is using trackers and ads as well as redirects to more ads.

With the link / app I gave you, only the server where you’ll be downloading from will get info, as your IP, which you could hide in theory by using an VPN.

Plus, the online converters may re-encode videos which may lead to quality loss or in some cases sync problems with scripts if they were made with different fps.

JDownloader is able to get you the native file from pornhub, if you dont choose the “hls” ones in the link collector.

But yeah, its about what you prefer.

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This topic has been recurring so I made my article for amalgamating them all. I’ll check this out and add it to the article if it passes checks and balances

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I’ve been using youtube-dl-gui with good success on many sites. It’s an interface wrapped around youtube-dl.

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That’s looks great!
Thx a lot :slight_smile:

I use this Stream Recorder - download HLS as MP4 - Chrome Web Store. Go to PH page then click on extension icon and it downloads

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I would recommend something else.
You can scrape HLS streams without screen recording.

It actually doesn’t do screen recording by default. It downloads the hls stream directly. Works perfectly for PH and a few other sites but most time if it’s not this extension you can normally get the URL from inspecting the source code via chrome tools.

I have a whole threat on this topic. [How to] Download Video/Audio from Anywhere