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Downloading from Pornhub?

Hi Guys

Please could anyone of you share a working, healthy and a stable method for downloading videos from phub. And dont say it’s told in here before because most of them are not working or even useless ones.


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Try using Jdownloader, It works for pretty much any video service we use here

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Already tried it and It’s not working !

If jDownloader doesn’t work for you then it’s an issue on your side, not jDownloader as a software, because jDownloader works with phub for me and others. The fact that you say that most of the suggested solutions in this forum doesn’t work support that conclusion.

  • Try it on another computer on the same network and try using your computer on another network if you can. Maybe that can help you to figure out if it’s your computer or your network/ISP that is the culprit.
  • Check your computer and router firewall settings so that they don’t block connections.
  • If you require a proxy server to reach Internet then you need to configure that in jDownloader (and similar software). It isn’t done automatically.
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It’s a special occassion for Phub. I can download from vimeo, youtube or etc .

For example ı would like to download this video, Ball Draining Beauty Handles my Cock like a Pro (It's Cleo) -

What should i do, what is the correct link that i must copy and add to Linkgrabber ? I have a warning message like this, searching for downloads blah blah

Could you write down please ?

I used the exact link you provided and went to linkgrabber tab and added the link (if jDownloader is running it should catch it automatically). You get 8 link options. 4 have hls in their names. Those are so called hls streams where the video is cut into lots of small parts to work better while streaming (saves bandwidth and improves performance when jumping around or resuming an old stream). Select one that doesn’t contain hls. It works for me with your link.

Edit: don’t forget to update jDownloader to the latest version.

try this, it sometimes needs to be done twice due to ads but it has always worked for me

It’s automatically updated. That is what i’ve got when paste it to linkgrabber

It’s forbidden to login most of the pornsites where i live so ı have to use vpnish solution. With that method ı can login, even watch videos but cant download it. Interestingly ı could have downloaded tonz of videos from SLR and other pay sites.

You can download the xtoys app and make an account. You still can’t download the video, but it has a function called tease which syncs a given video link and a given script

I use a Tampermonkey script that was shared on one of the popular torrent sites for the last few years and it has never failed me. It adds a link to the bottom of the video for each resolution available.


This opens the video in a new tab and you right click and save-as.

The only time this does not work automatically is when I click on a link that takes me to a non-www URL. When I run into that I just replace, let’s say “de.” with “www.”, and the script works as it should.

This also works for PH premium (assuming you have a subscription).

I’m not sure what the rules are here for sharing such a script. If an admin say it is ok I can add it here later.

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It will be perfect actually. But if it’s not possible do it publicly could you send it to me via direct message pls ?

Copy phub link and paste here

i am using “video download helper” in firefox for years with out problems…

It is probably an issue related to what you call vpnish solution. Is that solution based on using a proxy? If that is the case then you might need to manually configure it (it all depends on the VPN solution). Check the support page for your VPN provider if they have information on how to use it with applications other than web browsers. Check if this page helps you when it comes to configuring a proxy in jDownloader: How to use a VPN/Proxy with JDownloader - Powered by Kayako Help Desk Software

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You should be right about my internet connection. I use hidemyass vpn proxy unblocker and it’s working just for browsing. You use it via an extension and i think that it’s not possible to find the proxy settings which is been used by extension. If anybody know how to find it and tell, i’ll be apreciate it.


Try to use auto detect proxy in jDownloader. There is a button for that in the settings dialog that you can find in the link I posted earlier.

Thanks for the effort bro. I tried it but its not working. I think i should have to buy a vpn service.

I use the youtube-dl command line tool. It works for almost everything.

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I know this already has a solution but if anyone finds themselves here.

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Video DownloadHelper works fine