Easiest way to use with PH

What is the easiest way to use a funscript with PH? I have a Handy, so I need to download the videos currently, and I can’t seem to find a good downloader for PH. Any suggestions?

I use youtube-dl to download videos. The downside is you have to be a bit tech savvy, the upside is that you can download videos from basically everywhere, including PH.

Use search. This topic has been discussed before.
There is also a thread about how do download without getting issues with video lengths being modified causing scripts go out of sync.

I searched for “video download” and the first hit was this:


edit: This was flagged as spam :question:but although not a free solution, I believe it is relevant to OP’s query for “eaiest way to use with PH”.

A number of options posted in the thread and link above.

I opted to pay for iTubeGo YouTube Downloader, Convert YouTube to MP3, MP4 HD for a quick and easy off the shelf solution. With coupon codes that you can find via your favorite web search engine, you can get the lifetime price down to the $25 dollar range.

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